The child can also be euphoric (elevated) or dysphoric (on the down side). 10. 9 Reports about the successful vaccine took on a. 14 The release of these chemicals causes anesthetic, 18 But if your child is moving quickly from, 19 It made me laugh; and I have to admit that my laughter was, 20 When they were first introduced they were an enormous boon to the farmer and the initial response was almost, 21 It was found that some aromas made people feel drowsy, others made them feel uplifted or even, 22 The sergeant sat down, placed his feet into the ice-cold potassium permanganate solution and heaved a, 23 But if a too sceptical approach is one danger that the West should avoid, a too, 24 One user munched on calamari as he downed a pint and described the combo as “a near, 25 I think it is problematic, though, when we try to create a. How to use euphoric in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word euphoric? Sometimes instead of lessening the euphoric feelings become more intense, and a person will take risks that can lead to secondary physical symptoms. After getting the news that the cancer was in remission, Elaine was in such a state of euphoria that even …

26 However, sufferers will eventually exhibit a manic or hypo-manic episode in which their mood and energy are persistently elevated, 27 Optimists believe that gradualism will make the current liberalization last longer than the, 28 While the people of Penang are still bathing in the, 29 The reason is simple, visual image is the emotional and with, 30 Finally, it is most desirable for landscapes to be elating, enveloped in an. Examination will reveal pupillary miosis, Trust executor Barbara Horgan sent Adam Luders to Perm to stage the work, which had its, The scientists found that the mice no longer exhibited behaviour indicating a, North Hollywood High team captain Alexander Yen, 17, of Northridge, said he felt, Infectious polyrhythms formed a jubilant spine to the, Riding on a large boat with the program leaders, Pete was, But when I wrote the check, it was the most, However, manic episodes were a predictor of psychosis and, The expression was finally used in earnest, and, by, Both wore street jackets and both men had the unmistakable air of, Everything is blocked out except the fleeting perception of ecstasy, in the same way as a cocaine addict is, Neuropsychological Constant depression Despair, deep apathy, outcome and tearfulness or or inappropriate long periods of, Perhaps the rise of BJP under Narendra Modi has made them so communally. They do not represent the opinions of Scar tissue may be more visible on darker skin tones than tattoos, and the cutting process may release endorphins that lead the person undergoing the scarification to feel peaceful or euphoric. Thank you for the buzz I get when I master a complicated procedure, the euphoric experience can be quite heady! Exhilarating, explosive, almost apocalyptic but in a deliciously euphoric way, hard wiring into your nervous system forcing you to dance. 30.

Exhilarating, explosive, almost apocalyptic but in a deliciously, Under the conventional interpretation, what he considers conditionally rational is actually irrational or, Some say that chocolate gives consumers delights of, The green liquid, which looks like cough mixture, produces feelings of sedation, without the, The moment you walk away unscathed from a car crash is, I can attest, a, The result is that the diver effectively becomes drugged and feels slightly, The sensation of sumptuous lips crushed against your own is every bit as, The 530 kg shipment of khat, a green-leafed drug which is chewed to produce a, It is like someone who is too noisy, almost, But these are early stages, when you still feel. 8. All Rights Reserved, Descriptive Words that Begin with the Letter E.

Then a line from some thesp moaning about their euphoric state, with a bit of sitar playing thrown in. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

3 It had received euphoric support from the public. Here are some examples. Everything was now euphoric in their little utopia underground and would remain that way for eternity. 18. The first few months may be a euphoric bonding experience for both mother and baby. Examples of Euphoria in a sentence Once the euphoria of winning the lottery has worn off, you will be faced with the prospect of taxes and needy relatives. You want to know when I'm happy or sad, tired, glad, A kind of ego annihilation is followed by, Even the words attributed to the Defence Secretary in the aforesaid newspaper didn't back up the, The director, Jonathan Demme, offers us a continuous rock experience that keeps building, becoming ever more intense and, Over-the-counter cough syrup may also be used, though the effects of that are more hallucinogenic than, Upon hearing the news that the bill had passed in 2010, like many suffering with chronic pain, Portuguez was, Another way to round off a meal is to chew paan, which is the broad leaf of the betel plant sprinkled with a lime powder and kaat and can be mildly, Death by starvation and dehydration is neither painless nor, For example, don't buy a new stereo when you're in a, Endorphin and enkephalins are released, creating a. Those that are not up to this task skip this whole stage and are given credits earlier that are less euphoric. Some people might expereince a euphoric high or also known as "runners high" from this chemical release. Sentence Examples. Euphoric mood broken, I rummage through my pack for the little kindling we could afford to carry. Euphoric sentence examples. I felt so euphoric over what we did yesterday, it was the first time I did something gratifying. 33.

Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Remember that euphoric feeling from knowing he/she is the one?

Climbing is fun, intense, painful, scary, It is precisely here that the viewer experiences a, The heady mixture of sleep deprivation, adrenaline, and substance P plus or minus caffeine makes for a, I could say, yeah, this girl here was luscious and, One evening, Mehmet wanders into a pub at the tail end of a football match and finds himself swept up in a, Not many literary launches are televised live and few audiences are so, It is working on a version containing naltrexone, an opiate antagonist that would block oxycodone's, Goals of therapy are to prevent abstinence syndrome, reduce narcotic cravings and block the, He reminds us that market crashes almost always occur when the crowd is, The combination of garish cartoon colours and brash graphic quality is totally, It's all smokestacks and breadlines for him, who actually cites The Grapes of Wrath in his, But at therapeutic dose levels, there should not be a perceived buzz or, She left that first session feeling exhilarated, even, They jumped the high bumps, flung their bikes, did crisscross cuts and caught the spirit of the. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Another of the emotional benefits of exercise is the euphoric state resulting from working out.

A feeling of euphoria, or a "high" is felt when taking the drug, and the user eventually needs to take more and more to achieve the same results each time.


Crashing involves loss of the euphoric feeling followed by a depression.

The "high" or euphoric feeling that results does not last very long.

Euphoric in a sentence 1 Scientists are euphoric at the success of the test. 1 3 People choose to use heroin because it gives them a high, a rush of euphoria. 2 My euphoric mood could not last. If your loved one comes home euphoric and energized, but within a matter of minutes becomes irritable and annoyed, this may be a sign of crack cocaine use. I felt so euphoric over what we did yesterday, it was the first time I did something gratifying. A woman may go from feeling euphoric to feeling sad or even depressed. 34. 7. A woman may go from feeling euphoric to feeling sad or even depressed. Crashing involves loss of the euphoric feeling followed by a depression. In a euphoric place like the Village highs are made even higher with the recreational use of cocaine.

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