With an affinity for strategy and organization, Lindsay Landman found her calling in the world of event planning.

This is the ultimate … forms : { All at once, there’s no line between dreaming and a dream. Their formula for success is the pairing of Robbin’s expertise in design with Otoya’s experience in hospitality.

Driven by Kostman’s creativity and talent for designing out-of-the-box events… We are Rafanelli Events, and the best event we’ve ever done is going to be yours. As event … While some events come to us robustly imagined, and some partly there, others come to us with a clean sheet of paper and these words: “I want a signature event, but I don’t know what it is.”.

Priya and her group offer personality plus — with charisma and positive attitudes that make working with them fun. ... we wanted a company who had been around that long and understood what it meant to us." We have been building our reputation for years, perfecting the art of incomparable weddings. The answers to those questions are what take your event to a level beyond corporate, to engagement on a personal level that each guest can intimately feel. We can conduct market research to assess what other organizations are doing competitively. That’s music to our ears. The most elegant affairs combine gorgeous decor, compelling and delicious fare, and crowd-pleasing entertainment. Global Event Management Group were appointed to help create a magical evening for over 250 Top VIP guests at the St. Regis Hotel, Dubai. How can your company be elevated? Here we tapped into one. She founded Lindsay Landman Events in New York City in 2001, and works closely with clients to learn what hopes and dreams they may have for their special occasion. Between magic and magical. Boasting a client list that includes the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New York City Ballet, Monn’s events always manage to present a unique perspective on renowned institutions. } His sophisticated touch and ability to create a lasting impact keeps him in high demand for all special occasions, from, Matthew Robbins Design — helmed by Matthew Robbins and Luis Otoya — has been producing unique and memorable celebrations for private and, Bryan Rafanelli — Founder, President and Chief Creative Officer of Rafanelli Events — takes pride in the focus and attention he provides each of his clients. And neither will any of your guests. Because at the end of the day – or night – a corporate event is really a celebration of the people who are the company, and work with the company… listening, to their goals and desires then helping them weave the right design and vendors together for an event that matches their dreams. The team at Premini Events have become known for their bespoke South Asian celebrations. Cerbelli Creative embraces the newest and best in the events industry and has become known as a trendsetter for their over-the-top gorgeous and fun events. The team’s innovative, creative designs have been impressing clients for more than 15 years. Landman implements these ideas to create a cohesive, sophisticated, and stylish event. Ellen Kostman founded Sidekick Events, LLC in 2001 and the New York City-based event planning company is at the top of its game. To understand who you are. Cohen continues to drive the industry forward with her innovative ideas and sophisticated touch, creating picture-perfect scenes for each celebration she designs. His team invests time in really getting to know them so that they can fully tell their stories through their celebrations. ... Our clients consist of 15% of the top 100 Best …

This full-service event production company specializes in creating beautiful, seamless social and corporate events.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And that day? } After studying floral, interior, and architectural design, Frank Alexander launched his event company, Frank Alexander NYC, in 2004. (function() { With offices in New York, Boston, and Palm Beach, this event company is well-positioned to assist a variety of clientele. David Monn earned his reputation as “the Architect of Style” by curating numerous high-profile events showcased by the most exclusive venues in New York. The answers to those questions are what take your event to a level beyond corporate, to engagement on a personal level that each guest can intimately feel. Marcy Blum carefully considers a client’s vision for his or her special occasion, then delivers a picture-perfect day.

And conjure a wonderfully collaborative magic to create celebrations that are both unmatched and unforgettable.

callback: callback Famous not only for planning luxe weddings in exotic locales like New Delhi and the Cote d’Azur, the New York-based Michelle Rago Destinations is in high demand in NYC and around the country. })(); PHYSICALLY OR VIRTUALLY. How can your brand add a surprising, engaging chapter to an already world-class story? Help you recalibrate fundraising goals. }); This powerhouse firm organizes large-scale celebrations for celebrities and designer labels, but also is adept at planning and executing gorgeous quiet and intimate gatherings. From start to finish, Sidekick Events curates every occasion with a focus on beautiful details and surprises that delight.

Wonder will light up the faces of everyone. We never forget that. Working with only the best partners, we are collaborative, creative, and cool in those moments that require experience. This party planning maven is based in New York City and has earned wide acclaim for her spectacular events and savvy designs. We come from entertainment and production backgrounds where artistic and technical expertise join together in bringing events to life, whatever stage or screen they take place on. Lights, cameras, and Insta-worthy action are Victoria Dubin’s specialty. }

For each, we meet and exceed their highest expectations – bringing an artistry to execution renowned around the world. PartySlate is the place where leading event professionals share their work with the world. Find your ideal mix of event type and frequency. We know the months and weeks before the wedding – for you – should be as special as the day itself. Whether planning a rustic wedding or cutting-edge product launch, Jes Gordon and her team take care of all the details with confidence for stunning results. Crafting and executing perfect storytelling and experiences. Emotion will carry your night; results will carry your cause. We come from entertainment and production backgrounds where artistic and technical expertise join together in bringing events to life, whatever stage or screen they take place on. Now with locations in New York and Paris, Fremont is, Jes Gordon has had a passion for design since childhood and she uses her creative force in her eponymous event planning company, based in New York City. Matthew Robbins Design — helmed by Matthew Robbins and Luis Otoya — has been producing unique and memorable celebrations for private and corporate clients for more than 15 years. Founder, Elizabeth Priya Kumar (called Priya), believes that luxury doesn’t have to mean stuffy. Weave story into every thread of your event. From weddings to award galas, this New York City-based team of knowledgeable event planners offers unparalleled service and a high standard of professionalism. And when we layer in the flawless execution that has become the very essence of who we are, the results are simply spectacular.

The duo recently launched a new extension of their design firm, RobbinsOtoya, which will bring their event artistry and custom experiences to Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. That’s because the most beautiful event is also the smartest event, and we take pains along every step of the way to deliver both. Driven by Kostman’s creativity and talent for designing out-of-the-box events, clients can expect an elevated level of service and organization throughout the entire planning process when working with the firm — and will even find themselves enjoying the parts of process that can often be stressful. COPYRIGHT 2020 RAFANELLI EVENTS.

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