Most people think of the State as a centralized, bureaucratic organization which exists primarily to preserve peace within a geographical region. This is not particularly accurate for a couple of reasons. If you agree with the premises behind this argument, the conclusion must follow. These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. The Question and Answer section for The State and Revolution is a great An editor Now this is important for Lenin’s next move where he has a dig at anarchists who want to get rid of all states straight after the revolution. This gives the measure of the value of the phrase ‘a free people’s state’, both as to its justifiable use for a long time from an agitational point of view, and as to its ultimate scientific insufficiency; and also of the so-called anarchists’ demand that the state be abolished overnight.” (From Anti-Düring). Lenin does not advocate the immediate implementation of a non-hierarchical society following the destruction of the bourgeois state apparatus.
Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. These members of capitalist society constitute the proletariat. It is a utopia. The state is not ‘abolished’. Because of these measures, the State becomes much more accountable to the proletariat in a way that was not possible under liberal representative democracy. The “withering away” of the state is also the “withering away” of democracy; it extends democracy further and further until it is no longer “democracy,” which implies a State, but the management of society as a regular part of everyday life. He believes that it’s necessary to have a bureaucratic government and a centralized State, just that the structure of this State must be radically different, formed such that the proletariat retains political power. While it is true that Lenin emphasizes very often the importance of the destruction of the bourgeois state, he takes issue with anarchism and his anarchist contemporaries because he believes it to be “utopian” to want to “abolish the state” all at once.

You can help us out by revising, improving and updating I use writing as a way to work out my ideas on a new topic and sometimes I get things wrong. Lenin published the pamphlet The State and Revolution in order to display his own political theories, developed from Marxism, known as Leninism. Lenin in 1917 and expands upon the Marxist conception of the State and its role in revolution. Keep in mind, however, that this summary is just one person’s interpretation, and an incomplete one at that.

The use of force is no longer necessary to suppress class antagonisms, because there are no classes.
Using excerpts from the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Lenin explains the class nature of the State, argues that a “State” as controlled by the working class will “wither away” over time, and ruthlessly criticizes his opponents, frequently referred to as “opportunists.”. Lenin includes a long quote from Engels to explain this phenomenon, a portion of which is sampled below: As soon as there is no longer any social class to be held in subjection, as soon as class rule, and the individual struggle for existence based upon the present anarchy in production, with the collisions and excesses arising from this struggle, are removed, nothing more remains to be held in subjection — nothing necessitating a special coercive force, a state. their labor-power, the commodity which produces value. A person rents herself to a business, giving the business access to her labor-power. But as a matter of fact this ‘only’ signifies a gigantic replacement of certain institutions of a fundamentally different type.” The dictatorship of the proletariat is the extension of democracy. Where they differ is the means by which they seek to achieve this society: Lenin advocates the construction of a proletarian state which will naturally wither away and Anarchism advocates the abolition of the state and the construction of communism (or a similarly non-hierarchical society) directly.

The bourgeoisie is the class which owns and therefore controls the “means of production,” e.g. Create a free website or blog at These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The State and Revolution by Vladimir Lenin. and start to die off once class is abolished. In Unfinished Leninism: The Rise and Return of a Revolutionary Doctrine, Paul Le Blanc, a history professor at La Roche College, analyzes The State and Revolution and Leninism “If not enough thoughtful, humane people are prepared to forge a revolutionary socialist path to the future, then political freedom, genuine democracy, a decent life for all people, not to mention the survival of human culture and planet Earth, might not be part of the future". The State and Revolution (1917) is a book by Vladimir Lenin describing the role of the State in society, the necessity of proletarian revolution, and the theoretic inadequacies of social democracy in achieving revolution to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat. Judicial functionaries were to be elected, responsible and revocable. Lenin intended to compose a second part of the pamphlet to further discuss his political theories.

“The Communist Party does not fear criticism because we are Marxists, the truth is on our side, and the basic masses, the workers and peasants, are on our side.”, Please do not hesitate to send me your criticisms! will review the submission and either publish your submission or provide feedback. Not affiliated with Harvard College. These anarchist dreams, based upon incomprehension of the tasks of the proletarian dictatorship, are totally alien to Marxism, and, as a matter of fact, serve only to postpone the socialist revolution until people are different. After you claim a section you’ll have 24 hours to send in a draft. While the state must exist while class distinctions remain, it becomes superfluous in a classless society.

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