The poem is intensely philosophioc despite looking so basically simple.It has the message of ‘Indian Mysticism’- that choices made in life may be guided by destiny- which determines one’s life.we think that we choose the way but all the time it is a divine force which leads us on.The road we take is pre-destined. the poem The Road Not Taken is a very good one that i bileive is trying to say that every choice in life is compared to a road and that each one ends somewhere different wether it be good or bad. This makes an important comment on the nature of journeys and their significance in defining ourselves.

For instance, in “Desert Places” the speaker says of himself, “In a field I looked into going past.” Most read this as the speaker considering passing the field. We should all be nicer to each other, because if the world stops loving each other we will all come to a horrible end.

Yes? If you want to get a point across, you don’t have to make a study of it! , Robert Frost is the man.The first time heard this poem i fell in love with it and i hope every individual gets a chance to read this poem because its a poem of a short life when a guy doesnt take a road and its the best poem ever FROST RULEZ. I didn’t like your poem all that much because it made us all sound like we’re from Texas. In the way that a fork in a road symbolizes a decision and a journey symbolizes a quest, the speaker is seeking to continue his life and gain self-knowledge. I hope you all will do the same.

For me this poem show the need to be openminded as with most of his poems it can be looked at differently by optomistic people. This poem is written by Robert Frost, and shows that in life you may have many obstacles in your way and you have to make certain decisions based on facts or gut feelings. I want to go to college. Vanessa, I can hardly believe that you had the nerve to correct one of the greatest poets alive! Elga Shinkle, 1st of all the poem was cool but im looking for alliteration so that didnt help me so… yeah. The two roads in "The Road Not Taken" hardly differ.

And now of course, to talk about this poem. Yellow is not a happy color. However, Frost did not write his poem because he was disappointed in his friend’s choices but because Thomas constantly regretted his own choices, wondering whether the other path would have been better after all – which Frost seems to have found quite amusing. Into the breeze We learned that people can make connections with the poem and the poem talks about choosing a path in life. thank you In the last stanza the speaker relays a felling of bittersweet, when he says, “I shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence” (lines 16-17).

"The Road Not Taken" is an ambiguous poem that allows the reader to think about choices in life, whether to go with the mainstream or go it alone. During the first stanza, the first line of the poem itself develops the theme of the entire poem. Its not a matter of making a choice between the two roads but creating a difference between the planned approach to life and its creative, experimental and adventurous aspects. He wanted to teach me the importance of being my own person, following my own heart, going my own way. It sees past the superficial meaning of poetry. Even John Makr’s second poem was better than yours. Pains just like a knife. The speaker opts, at random, for the other road and, once on it, declares himself happy because it has more grass and not many folk have been down it. We are talking about poetry here. The first theme is that you should stand up for yourself. i think the poem is about having to make a choice in your life that you wont be able to make again.

I like this poem very much. OH… and i would name it “the road not traveled by bears”, I was a freshman in High School when I first read this poem I didn’t know what it meant then but now I understand. fisrt off this is not his greatest poem, one of his better ones yes, but not his greatest. I myself am not the best poet, and I don’t have all of the answers. The speaker realizes that both roads were “equally laying” “just as fair,” which makes them “really about the same.” The fact that there was not a significant difference between the two roads makes it difficult for the speaker to choose which road he would like to take. THis is an amazing poem, it is basically about the choices you make in your life and a time when you had to choose to do one thing over another and at a later time looking back you think about both choices and realize that the choice you made was the right choice. This poem consists of four stanzas, each five lines in length (a quintrain), with a mix of iambic and anapaestic tetrameter, producing a steady rhythmical four beat first-person narrative. I’m not really taking sides here, but, TjB, you said these two things that confuese me: “First of all, J. This would prompt him to write such a poem entitled “The Road Not Taken.” this poem is cool i guess. it seems that life is twisted and that is what leads us all. I think it is one of the rare good stuff we have studied in poetry courses and it always gave me a bit of melancholy after reading…can we ever really choose anything and is it possible not to look back on it?

The Road Not Taken has been my favorite since I was in high school and we sang it in choir. Americans never do what she was doing. It is to not enjoy the moment, to miss the small details around you and avoid thinking about how they add up. Its meaning is different for each reader. Was a short road. The time proved that the same was befitting for his personal life. And in the course of my life, being true to myself (taking the road less traveled) “has made all the difference.”. I would have never posted that note if I know Moe would have gotten offended. Unless the position is advanced that Frost simply and universally misled readers with romanic works while fevershly mocking life and choice, it must be accepted he was celebrating the moment of life-altering choice, and the decision to pursue the more unique life path. I love this poem and am doing it for my poetry presentation. Not me. Loud, obnoxious Americans like us see it as the “American Way”–that’s a little bit of sarcasm for you folks. As are the ripples in a pond how way leads on to way I doubted if I should ever come back.” If Frost was If you would like to hear 1 from it you may ask me. OK, whoever said this is about Bin Laden – Frost wrote this in 1916! old American ideal of hard work, perseverance, and sattisfaction in I do remember Moe simply asking questions. I’m leaving this site until I cool off, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading poetry (and your comments). At the start of the poem the traveler says, “And sorry I could not travel both,” (line 2) this point the speaker portrays his regret because he must make a choice. my reply: ahem, fuck you you cocksucking anal raping gay ass motherfucker. Yellow signifies the wood as valley of death from where no one returns or has returned. Please forgive “Joodie,” as she calls herself (that isn’t her real name, of course, I’m sure most people have figured that out who have read this) for being quite rude today. Tiff, it probably does seem confusing that I compliment J. Mark’s poem, then turn around and make it appear that I perceive him as a ninny. However, we cannot dwell on our past decisions. two roads diverged in a yellow wood. The “Road Not Taken” is the one that is less traveled, the one that is right and good, the one that nobody takes because it is what the “world” thinks you should take. The metaphor in the poem is saying that you can take one of two paths, either the one commonly taken or the one never explored. that this relatively unique trajectory (and perhaps more difficult I will not say names but some of you are vile. but.. can anyone help me and give me da literature component for this poem.. i’m learning it. While at the park one day, a woman sat down next to a I don’t ment to be offensive but this is definitly not what I expected to find! There, I got out everything that was on my mind. The most famous building in central Birmingham! I probably won’t post it for comments until I’m satisfied that it’s totally finished, don’t ask me when that will be. The chief theme of his poetry is an ambiguous relationship with nature. The situation is clear enough - take one path or the other, black or white - go ahead, do it. Poetry means a different thing to many different things. Hi all..”the road not taken” is truly inspirational..simple words, complex idea..that is the core of this exceptional poem which is timeless. so it is the last thing on your mind.

i remember that this poem was a beautiful poem. It is inspirational, thought-provoking, profound in scope, and brilliantly wise in its simplicity. This is the most fascinating poem I have ever read in my life.It can clearly visualize a dilemma, a man facing in his life.This poem shows that evrry one should be ready to take risks if they want to something in future.

Would you take that road?

You seem to be a very nice person. I am pleased to see that Robert Frost is still as popular as ever and has exceeded over 330 comments:) on this page. First of all, J. I love poems my ex boyfriend would write me them and my boyfriend now writes me them i love them!! Frost speaks of the decisions one encounters as they journey through life and how at several points, one would come to a “fork” where the individual would have to decide which road (or decision) is best for them. Robert Frost wrote this poem to highlight a trait of, and poke fun at, his friend Edward Thomas, an English-Welsh poet, who, when out walking with Frost in England would often regret not having taken a different path. I love it, Many people in the world are doing their jobs without their interest and dislike and they may not do creative and innovative things.The poem describing the importance This poem by Robert Frost was perfectly portrayed. Ultimately, beneath the speaker’s false pride is a sad wondering about the road not taken. It is the hallmark of the true poet to take such everyday realities, in this case, the sighs of a friend on a country walk, and transform them into something so much more. I wish you’d get here soon. Thanks so much! It was quite scrumptious.

It states that to make your own choices.

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