Lizaveta Prokofyevna The mother; a distant relative of Prince Myshkin; when she married the general, she had neither education nor beauty, but she brought him a dowry of fifty serfs, which formed the basis of the Epanchin fortune. Rogozhin is madly and passionately in love with Nastassya Filippovna. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Later, however, he seduced her and made her his mistress when she was a young woman. She blames herself for her dishonor and, although she loves Prince Myshkin, she considers herself unworthy of marrying him. Myshkin lost his parents when he was a child and spent his life in the country; because of his epileptic attacks, he was sent to a Swiss clinic by his guardian Pavlishtchev. bookmarked pages associated with this title. Epileptic, Myshkin gradually begins to unravel as he becomes more and more compassionate on his way toward becoming a figure of unparalleled goodness. Ptitsyn is suitor and later husband to Varya Ivolgin. He comes to Russia after an absence of four years spent in a sanitarium in Switzerland. In love with Aglaya, Hippolite is a friend of Kolya and the son of Madame Terentyev, the mistress of General Ivolgin. Hippolite is well aware of his approaching death and feels like an outcast of nature. The darkness that is the corrupt world around him places his within a web of betrayal, murder and revenge so that he ultimately become a martyr to innocence. in-depth analysis of Parfyon Semyonovich Rogozhin. A dark-haired, dark-eyed twenty-seven year-old who is descended from a long line of merchants. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. The oldest daughter of the Yepanchins, who is twenty-five and unmarried. Myshkin is innocent, naïve, impractical, compassionate, and immensely kind, which leads most characters in the novel to consider him an "idiot.". Ippolit Terentyev Eighteen-year-old consumptive; fails in a dramatic suicide attempt. The Archetypes of Outcasts as a Window into Society, The Nature of Redemptive Suffering in Dostoevsky’s The Idiot. At the beginning of the novel he lusts after Nastassya Filippovna. Ivan Fyodorovitch The father, a general, fifty-six years old; stocky, solid figure; a self-taught man; cleverly built his fortune from his wife's dowry. General Ivolgin's wife. He later rents out several rooms in his summer cottage in Pavlovsk to Prince Myshkin. Ferdyshchenko strives to be original, yet most people regard him contemptuously as a drunkard and an amoral rogue. Nina Alexandrovna, a dignified woman of about fifty, is the mother of Varya, Ganya, and Kolya Ivolgin.

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