When Ray Gil spins, it looks it has a PC frame, due to its multi-coloured Clear Wheel. After they are double-crossed by their employer on the mission and escape, Archer causes the space shuttle to crash land on earth, injuring everyone but himself. But in the anime it says it is the skeleton of a dinosaur. Johnny Ray Gill defended himself by saying that it is not what it looked like between them, and the public was just being too judgemental. After Katya's death, Malory sent Ray and Lana on a mission to retrieve Archer from Pangu Island. ", which causes Krieger to push a button which disables Ray's legs once more, forcing Ray to begrudgingly thank him and have his legs turned back on. Ray Gil 100RSF Ray Gil 100RSF is an Attack-Type Beyblade that appears in the , Beyblade: Metal Masters anime and manga series. He takes offense when the other agents don't consider their friends' feelings before taking action. Being born in 1985, Johnny Ray Gill is 35 years old as of today’s date 17th October 2020. He has skills in electrical engineering and communications. RSF, or Rubber Semi-Flat, is an SF Bottom completely made out of rubber. The bones in his legs are metal, described as a "vanadium-alloy endoskeleton" and supplemented by a battery installed in his lower back, and his right arm from the elbow down is entirely artificial. Ray Gil 100RSF is an Attack-Type Beyblade that appears in the , Beyblade: Metal Masters anime and manga series.

Krieger also laster demonstrates the ability to control Ray's legs remotely, forcing him to involuntarily do a Nazi march. In Achub Y Morfilod, he is given a new cybernetic arm by his co-workers (except Lana and Archer). His new arm causes him to be subjected to more ridicule in Drastic Voyage: Part I and more jokes about his hand's resemblance to the one lost by Conway Stern are made by Archer and Cyril. Although this was the second injury to the same eye, he was not blinded, unlike Rip Riley, who did suffer partial blindness on this mission.

The stickers that go on the outside of the Ray Fusion Wheel can be applied and won't be scratched off during battle. RSF has two Mold variations. It is because he wanted to approve to his girlfriend that he is the anticipated Mr. Currently, Johnny Ray Gill is a stable man in his finances with a net worth of $10 million. Being born in 1985, Johnny Ray Gill is 35 years old as of today’s date 13th August 2020. Ray has a three-winged design like the Storm Wheel, in which, each wing has two square-like indents. The trumpet player and band leader for the, The local gendarme on the fictional island of. He's particularly friendly toward Lana Kane and regularly goes out of his way to help his friends. In the episode Bloody Ferlin, it is revealed that Ray had faked being handicapped for six months, telling Lana and Archer "I never said I was paralyzed, you just assumed I was!".

This should be taken into consideration when choosing a method of obtaining an RSF. In 2012, Johnny Ray Gill acted as Trey in the Shadow of Fear movie. In an interview with Frazier, Johnny Ray Gill admitted that he indeed was gay. It is owned by Argo Garcia.

English -- Français -- Italiano -- TürkçeWBO Discussion Thread. He grew up in Portland, Oregon, and later attended Jefferson High school in 2002. In order to ensure they could complete the important mission, she lent them the ISIS Black Titanium Credit Card. He appears to use ecstasy (at raves), and is often seen smoking cigarettes, sometimes with a long cigarette holder.

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