AGAIN I don’t care about here hairstyle. It’s more about her offending people with her deceptions rather than did she offend you with her hairstyles. I understand she’s human, I didn’t say otherwise. Are there more important issues? But look, a poor black woman sends her poor black child to a GOOD white school.

I’m talking about the chick who wears platinum blonde weave and blue contacts, for example. can i pass for white and not get mistreated by the police? Black is beautiful let her be , society has no problem with Bruce being Catlin now so carry on , doesn’t bother me . Let me know when a black person can change their race and never face oppression anymore. Especially when you’re fighting for your rights against the slave master, Wonder how many blacks she misled or gave some bull s-it understanding about being black in America? Stick to ya water, baby. It’s ridicule ladies dressed as liberalism and it’s at our expense. Leave her alone however I don’t condone deceit. If she felt more comfortable being black than white that tells you a lot. Last time I fried fish; they ain't know what to do My Great Great Grandma was full blooded Native America. Hairstyles are suppose to be share inspire and worn on your head. What are your thoughts on this issue? Most people don’t understand it’s about the deceit and the lies! Some people are appropriately dismayed by her and others are willing to give her a past because of her work as the head of the Spokane, WA local NAACP Chapter, her work portrays her as being “down with the cause”. She’s a spy…. #Helpful. Sad day in black America. Whipped Shea Butter By Elongtress - Lavender Vanilla, Whipped Shea Butter By Elongtress - Beautiful Set, Natural Hair Rocks!

Next. i agree with la’tamara….if bruce can change to the woman he felt he was on the inside then why can she change to the black woman she clearly wants to be…. For black women with unruly tight curls, a straw set loosens our kinky curl pattern and makes natural hair more appealing to the eye. Marshuna i agree if she wants to be a beautiful black women let her hi5 her i find it more distasteful to be a grown man with grandchildren to at 60 chop your manhood off yet people are excepting it no one knows this womans story you only know what tge media whats you to know there are more important things going on in this world besides a white woman wanting to be black. A jar of Blue Majic This bish walked in with a damn bowl of trail mix talking about it took her 2 hours to make it last night. She would rock some box braids in a minute Don’t see the difference. baby tan is on fleek.. She fooled me. What that she claming black … That’s where it’s at…, No different than some of these “creole” people who swear they’re french and try to pass as anything else but black. They may be able to steal a few of our physical features, but they'll NEVER understand the uphill battle we face if we're trying to be successful. She's given lectures about black hair at Eastern Washington University. If so, she might be black after all. As far as I know she wasn’t going around saying the N-word and then justifying why she should be able to say it because she has black friends or rappers say it. hangs head and giggles..... You ain't lying though.. So, my apologies, I said lying about experiencing racism. Ready, set! I dont f****ing understand why all articles I read about her are about how she “Fooled” the black community by presenting herself as a Black woman. Hair that is 2” or longer will need large diameter straws like the ones at McDonald’s (hint, hint). I bet she never got weave-checked. N the blacks that did pass for white did it for quality of life because we were treated poorly, she does it because she identifies herself as black. No one has come forward yet as a client, but her mother.

When they start teaching LOGIC I pray they reintroduce READING COMPREHENSION as well. lololol I don’t agree with the fact she lied, but had she not would she have still got this position with NAACP? What bothers me is not that she embraces our culture, our problems and wants to help us but she lied trying to BE one of us by lying about who she is.

Embracing blackness & Culture, and fraud are different things. Great Style For All Natural Sisters Who Are Transitioning.
Lets find out whats deep inside their hearts that has cause these illusions. Above: Dolezal, in 2012, wore dreadlock extensions that stylists say would cost $1,500. No defense. Not offensive, well at least not until the full story of her motivation, goals, and intentions are revealed. I NEVER took up for her, I said my issue was not with the hair it was with everything else. She was "down".

Wear your hair embrace the culture.

I don’t know what to think about her at all. And have the nerve to teach about it.. Wrong, She done a lot in the struggle for black equality, people hating on her cause they sat on their fat asses and did nothing with their life..but she did something and they wanna far as I’m concerned she’s black and white. I think she cute with it! Of the many pressing questions raised by the Rachel Dolezal circus that was wrapped in a trainwreck and dipped in a forest fire, one of the things that stands out most for me is: How did she get her hair so on point? We as a race have so much more to be concerned about…. Wake up pepole!!!! Who care what color she is; it’s way more important topic to discuss than the color of a person skin or hair style!!!! She isn’t the first and won’t be the last.

For everything that’s bad with this story there is a good side to it as well. I would prefer her to be true to her spirit. It’s possible that this woman might be suffering from a mental illness, or that she’s a scammer. Rachel Dolezal's dark skin is the result of regular spray tans, reports claim. Clearly Rachel knew all about shrinkage. I believe that everyone should embrace and celebrate ALL that GOD created them to be!!!!! Sure its not her hair but she is wearing the natural hairstyles with pride and also doing her part to help..

I don’t support IT or HER. However, I do commend Twitter for being able to bring humor to the situation. White folks embracing our cultutre has always been a problem. The way we have colonised the word ‘natural’ isn’t right. Yes she lied which is wrong but she’s supporting a race that’s not even her own. Dolezal is known for wearing various ethnic hairstyles including braids extensions and cornrows to bring her imagined ethnicity more in line with her reality. If it wasn’t for her parents ( and their pesky dog) she would still be fooling people. Take note: she was in the corporate/business world rocking kinky/curly styles, braids, and faux locs…there are many black women and men who do not feel comfortable doing this. I was thinking about God tea too. It ain’t about HELPIN US. I think the first point is not titled appropriately as her “natural” hair is straight. Otherwise who cares how she identifies, my own daughter is mixed and at just 7 identifies as black only. How does 1 get orange though? It still doesn’t change all the facts in everything else I’ve stated and please believe I have no issue with black women who are embarrassed and confused, they are just as comical as this chick.
What yall puttin in yall Rachael Dolezal "black like me" starter kits? Her stylist did a good job though. This is part of the reason why black ppl are appropriated so easily & seen as science projects b/c of idiots in the comments seeing nothing wrong with what this woman did & always so quick to accept everyone else while we’re not accepted by anyone. She lied and got a full Howard scholarship! Postage stamp? I’m white and not offended either. They loved it so much.

Anything is acceptable in our community as long as it hasn’t hurt us (physically) do you know the damage caused behind a lie?? It’s still a problem when you become a walking talking mintrel show, darkening your skin and going so far as to claim you’re black. She can wear wat ever she wants we black women wear all kind of hair sometime, No offensive.

Forgive and forget! Wjy cant she just like different hairstyles???!!!! And a summer pass to the cultural museum I’m pretty sure when wigs and weave are made and sold, they DO NOT say on them whom can purchase which. What do you mean tried to that mess worked……..she had all of us fooled…..looking like a mixed chick……they hate us so much , but always stealing our flow!!!!!

You have The Kardashians using the physical traits that we possess & Shaming themselves; a slap in the face of our culture– “I don’t want to look black,. Black people been passing for years and I haven’t seen anyone against them. Ion know if your house clean, you got pets? No, just like they don’t find our weaves, and blond dyed hair, and blue and green contact lenses, or skin bleaching techniques offensive… I think it disingenuous of us to even be having this discussion. The worse part is that she let down people that were proud of her accomplishments and the things she stood for. Plus identity crisis is much more common in our community than theirs, hence why this little occurrence is such a big deal. to be like our beautiful race. Her hair looks great! Everyone is mix some how if you really go back to ur ancestors tree. We will be at gatherings and they insist you take a plate, he always say oh we ate but we will take it to go... 3 blocks down the road they go to the trash.. **Stomach turns**...why Betty?!?!

Lmao I immediately thought of Dave Chappelle’s racial draft skit, This how we wear our hair…. I can only drink water now!! I think she did! Ok so she lied…..she still played her part in assisting the NAACP right?? As far as hair…I hate labels on hairstyles! She looks mix jus embrace urself n ur own ethnicities and u will then feel empowered. Not nobody in the NAACP. I am mad that she lied to get a job just as they don’t hire us if we lie to get a job. Hair style is all about individuality, not to conform to a specific ethnic “look”. You just hit the nail dead on its head! The next items are optional but will make the job a lot easier: Hair Care Techniques You Should Use To Grow Long Gorgeous Natural Hair – And Great Hairstyling Tips, The Coconut Oil Secret: Natural Hair Health & Beauty Exposed. I didn’t ask no pale face to fight for my human rights. Or you can buy several wHigs to achieve this dry messy look. They felt that’s what they had to make it no difference. One fella here brings Bojangles and biscuits every TIME and I luh him for it! Shiiiiiiiit, this chick gone need a food stamp now that she ain't got no job. Miracle whip tastes betta than mayo on a sandwich. Besides black women are discussed and degraded on a regular basis….this woman’s hairdo is not the issue,the fact that she continuously lied is,smh. That wig looks like she got it from NyHairMall for 25.99 or maybe is the orange "natural" glow that it growing it off. But yes blacks have been passing for years. @futuredocdonte:disqus You on one this morning too, huh? .are mocked ..insulted. She’s been sabotaging black people in need at that NAACP.

Hair is not offensive to me. THE BRAZILIANS WOMEN ARE REALLY PISSED, lol she only did what our people did to escape slavery “PASS FOR BEING WHITE” I personally think it’s funny and extremely CRAZY. Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook, What she did was soooo messed up… she made up this whole web of lies and even claimed to be the victim of multiple hate crimes! ", Matt Lauer interviews Dolezal on the "Today" show on Tuesday, June 16.

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