If you've resided at an address outside Hamilton in recent years, we must also contact that police service to conduct a query of their local records. If you are in doubt, the agency/employer should be able to tell you which one they require for the position. Details on the process are available on the RCMP website at the following link:http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cr-cj/fing-empr2-eng.htm, To Serve & Protect in Partnership with Our Communities, Strategies on how to remove or reduce crime, Support and information for victims of crime and trauma, Find latest news releases, publications and statistics, Information on contacting the Service and more, Reporting an accident and road safety tips, http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cr-cj/index-eng.htm, http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/faqs-about-vulnerable-sector-checks, http://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/rsrcs/pblctns/scrnng-hndbk/index-eng.aspx.

Eligible persons under 21 years must attend the Records Branch of the Police Service in person, as they will not be able to successfully authenticate ID using the on-line process. A: Yes. The average turnaround time is either two weeks or 30 days for completion of the Police Records Check. The employer must find information from a police check relevant to the job they are offering.

As well, persons under the age of 25 years are highly unlikely to have any information for which a VS screening check is required.

Q: I have ordered something previously that was to be picked up at HQ after March 18th. The Hamilton Police Service conducts screening checks for the citizens of Hamilton at the request of agencies and employers. However, Vulnerable Sector Checks (VS) must be conducted by the police of local jurisdiction, in accordance with the Ministerial Directive Concerning the Release of Criminal Record Information by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Although some organizations do not require one, the trend is increasing for employers requiring police checks as part of the application process. It is up to the agency/employer to determine how long they might accept a recently completed screening check, or whether to accept one that was conducted for another employer.

You must submit your request in writing, and provide the reasons why you feel the information should not be included. You may be asked to provide one by the agency/employer to which you are applying. It does not include police contact information, nor a search of the pardoned database. By accepting the terms and conditions, you: Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit, PLEASE CONFIRM WITH YOUR EMPLOYER OR ORGANIZATION TO CONFIRM WHICH CHECK IS NEEDED BEFORE APPLYING. Please note that this website is provided “as is” and should be accessed and used by you at your own risk. The Police Service does not mandate screening checks, nor are we involved in candidate selection.

If we become aware this has occurred it will be investigated and charges could be laid. In our experience, most employers will ask for a new screening check if the current one is older than 6 months, and almost certainly if it's older than one year. Also be advised that in accordance with RCMP policy, persons under 18 years of age may not apply for a Vulnerable Sector (VS) screening check. Note that Vulnerable Sector screening checks are only valid for the specific employer/position for which it was conducted, and are not likely to be accepted by another VS sector employer. Note that this only contains information relevant to criminal convictions, if any. First, you might obtain the wrong type of check and then have to apply for a new one at additional cost. 2500 S. Archibald Avenue • Ontario, CA 91761 Front Desk: (909) 395-2001; Emergency: 911; Dispatch: (909) 986-6711

Employers may request to make a copy of the screening results, and others may only wish to view the documents and make a notation. Information disclosed by the police may not be complete or inclusive of certain details of which we are unaware, or to which we do not have access.

Their 2012 Screening Handbook is an excellent resource and reference document, can can be found at:http://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/rsrcs/pblctns/scrnng-hndbk/index-eng.aspx. We stress that you make your choice carefully as we do not provide refunds or exchanges once we have completed your check. Attend the Records Business Centre at 155 King William Street in Hamilton, fill out the appropriate form, show acceptable identification and pay the applicable fee.

Expedited Vulnerable Sector Checks (VSS) have been suspended until further notice. Depending on the level of check this may include, but is not limited to, a record of convictions for criminal offences across Canada, outstanding charges before the courts, current judicial orders that are in effect (such as peace bonds, prohibitions or probation orders).

If you attended our office to apply for an expedited VSS prior to or on March 18, 2020, your document has been mailed to you. You may also apply for a police check online from the comfort of home. Each one must be queried, the results analyzed, and in the case of potential police contacts, reports must be reviewed individually. You must attend our Records Branch in person for this. https://hamiltonpolice.on.ca/request-reconsideration. All of this takes time and resources. You do have an option of appealing the release of certain information through our Reconsideration process.

Therefore, in most cases you will have to submit new prints each time you require a Vulnerable Sector check. No one applicant is more or less important than the next person. 2251, or by email to smoore@police.brantford.on.ca. However, we will not provide any comment or opinion on the suitability of a specific person, nor do we share the results of screening checks with employers directly.Information is only released to the applicant directly. Public Safety Canada offers valuable information to assist agencies and employers on hiring employees and volunteers, including guidance on which level of police check is most appropriate based on the position, and how to determine screening requirements. A person seeking a job at a financial institution will not likely be successful if they have convictions for theft, fraud or other crimes of dishonesty.

However, this is entirely at the discretion of the agency/employer.

If you have already submitted your request for a background check, please note that we are processing applications for: Information about general processing timelines can be found by accessing Criminal Record Check Process or Vulnerable Sector Screening Process.

Until further notice, new online applicants for police reference checks will also be … This is the official form to submit your local police records check to the Parole Board of Canada for the purpose of a record suspension application. For RCMP information on the various levels of police checks and other related information, please visit http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cr-cj/index-eng.htm, For RCMP information specific to Vulnerable Sector screening checks, please visit http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/faqs-about-vulnerable-sector-checks. Q: How can I request a Criminal Record Check (Level 1) or Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (Level 2) while you are closed? Further, the Vulnerable Sector screening check cannot be used by persons residing outside of Canada, even if the employer is a Canadian company. Some people have absolutely no such information, while others may have some or all of these categories. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and all of our pick-up locations presently being closed to the public, all Police Reference Check results awaiting pick-up will be mailed out to the applicants for expediency purposes.

If you applied for a Criminal Record Check, or Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check online, your document will be mailed to you.

The main requirement for a VS check is where the applicant will be working in a position of trust or authority towards vulnerable persons. Police Record Check Reform Act (PRCRA) The PRCRA legislation passed on December 1, 2015 and will be enacted on November 1, 2018. Page 8 of the Directive includes the following:

Police contacts are incidents where a person has been investigated for a crime but charges were never laid or where charges were laid but did not result in a conviction. A: Certain items previously arranged for pick-up at HQ may not available until further notice.

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