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Yeah, I used to not even acknowledge her, but then it got announced that she’s being added to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 WHEN THEY COULD’VE ADDED KALE AND CAULIFLA !!!!!!

Because of this, people have come to subconsciously relate to him. Ironically, when Raki and Clare parted ways, he went off to train with evil Awakened villains. Two other female characters I know of who were so hated were The Walking Dead's Lori and Andrea. Here is undoubtedly the most hated anime character ever, Shou Tucker!

She is in love with and is protective of Alois despite every physical and emotional harm he causes her.

Hehe, Shou Tucker (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood). Out of all the characters in this list, she is my MOST hated female anime character of all time. Making even Miaka seem less annoying by comparison. Hey there, True Believers! I know you want to punch him and smash his glasses through his face. This is my official Top 10 List of the WORST Female Characters I have seen in anime so far. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Yes, he combined them, and left them to suffer with no way to change back.
So yeah, take from that what you will. You would never want to mess with Naraku. They’re pretty annoying, all right, but I never actively loathed on them. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Regardless, this list will help you if you have been out of the loop or if you need a refresher on these detested characters. 1. He’s also good at manipulating people and breaking relationships. Btw, what did you think of my Favorite Female Anime Characters? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Marina doesn’t even have a decent excuse for singing like Lacus did – she just does it. To many people, this character is wicked. I’ve only been through three episodes but I agree with you about there being an annoying female in the cast.

She’s a total little cunt who verbally abuses her brother every chance she gets despite his constant attempts to get closer to the little smut. That baby is going to be screwed for life, and everyone other than Yuka and Kouta himself (who is simply too stupid to know) realises it. He massacred countless humans and queerats. I appreciated the intent behind the writing of Flay’s character, at least. Bulma is just as whiny and clingy in Z as she is in the original Dragon Ball series, but whereas she’s 16 years old in her first incarnation and therefore has a plausible excuse, she’s nearly 30 at the start of the sequel show. This makes the twist of her turning into a monstrous maniac more of a gut punch. 2. And it has envy towards humanity! wait why is envy there? introverted or angsty ‘un-mannish’ males) are among some of the most hated of archetypes within the anime community.

Well, I only put Usagi there because I’m not really a fan of Sailor Moon.

But then they brought her back for no reason with nothing to do but have an annoying voice and be another loita character to be naked if necessary. I was checking out my reader when I stumbled across this… and I couldn’t agree more with your choices. I normally hate long series but I though that I’d give Bleach a try…. His womanizing caused a lot of suffering and devastation. When I watch something, I am actually taking a break from daily life where I am surrounded by whiny characters. Out of all the characters in this list, she is my MOST hated female anime character of all time.

Ditto with someone like Renton who has no parents, a mysteriously missing older sister, few (if any) friends, and one hell of a grumpy grandfather as his legal guardian. It was all a lie!

I think the fandom generally likes her, but I digress. There are few greater disappointments than the main character being the villain in her own story, but that’s exactly what the situation was with Young Clare.

Most of the previously mentioned characters pale in comparison to how much I hate this woman. The gender of this character is an absolute mystery!

Fans hated this Claymore character for being obstinate in bringing down Clare’s matriarch Teresa. I was happier with him after his death.

All he talks about are women's breasts. That’s not tsundere, that’s just being a bitch.

I’ve recently started to watch Bleach and there is a certain character who’s getting in my nerves… Inoue Orihime.

She strings two guys along, betrays both of them, one of which happens to be related to her and the other is her adopted brother, then has both of their children. His urges suck like his whole character in general.

Characters that fight for their friends, and don't have stupid power ups (Issei touching breasts) deserve to have girls like them. Most stories, anime or otherwise, heavily involve emotional journeys of one kind or another – but it wouldn’t be much of a journey if there were no changes along the way. Mylene Jenus, Max and Milia’s daughter from Macross 7, probably makes the top of the list.

Essentially, Sakura’s role for those 100 episodes is to attempt to hit on Sasuke while snubbing her nose at every other eligible male character, and also get beaten up a lot.

Great post though, thanks!

Villains in shonen anime never stay bad. As another highly ranked child soldier, Priscilla’s immaturity was also a source of annoyance for her teammates, as well.

Can Clare use her Yoma power to reattach her legs and save him? And what does she do? This Claymore was both clever and crazy, simultaneously funny and scary, and was crafted so well that she was clearly designed as someone to love to hate. Ironically, the idea for this particular article ocurred to me as I was mulling over two favourite anime of mine – Evangelion and Eureka Seven. Anyway!

RELATED: 8 Villains The MCU Nailed (And 7 That Were Badly Written). Character development is important to me in general though, so I daresay I’d tend to dislike (or at least care nothing for) any character that went nowhere at all on an emotional level within any series. In times of war, it is dangerous to be hot-tempered, and there is no room for black-sheep scrapping with one’s teammates.

Kyuubey is certainly not the cute critter he seems to be. These demons weren’t just disposable monsters; they were true effigies of evil. That emotional resonance is worth revisiting, if only to rage-out about the anime's most hated characters, ranked below.


Oh dear lord, I am intimately familiar with this subject. I will soon. Koemushi/Koyemshi from Bokurano(Anime version only), and Shinji Matou(Fate/Stay Night).
Sorry, but that just makes me uncomfortable >.<, I saw that you put that fat strawberry there. Hmmm well.

XD Well, another reason I don’t like them is because they’re dating, and THEY’RE COUSINS.

Yuka is a good call. Among anime tropes, this one probably isn’t the absolute worst, but it’s one of my most hated. Fair enough, I was planning on doing the male version of this article at a later date. Karin is annoying and has no special skills besides giving ALL of her chakra in one go to heal one time and sensing people then becoming useless afterwards. I find the quality often goes downhill when that happens.

His goal is to save the universe from entropy.

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