Used around the world to compute complex equations in seconds, Mathcad is a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced user. Upon completion of this tutorial you will understand how to use Mathcad to solve basic equations. Left click beneath Acceleration and type Force:Mass*Acceleration=. 4. Double Left click on the 9.8 of the Acceleration=9.8m/s^2 highlighting it, type 4. 2 0 obj x�3�3T(�*T0 BSKS=#��T�p-����BQ:�S�������9�4SIQ�w3R04RI�10���r � <> %PDF-1.5 on Introduction. endstream

To begin left click in the upper left hand corner of the workspace and type Mass:10kg, 2. endobj Left click beneath total energy and type Energy.TotalCtrl=Energy.Kinetic+Energy.PotentialCtrl+Shift+. <>>> Caution: It is imperative to put equations, such as the force equation we just made, beneath the variables contained within the equation. <>

1. Used around the world to compute complex equations in seconds, Mathcad is a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced user.

This feature of Mathcad can save users hours of algebra that would normally be spent isolating variables. Note: The ability to solve for a non-isolated variable using this form of Boolean logic. stream �c �* x��Z[o�F~7��0��¦y�`�.�8M�Xi�n�>Pe!9,9����{Ιjhi$ Start the MathCAD software by clicking on the engineering applicationgroup in window and clicking on the MathCAD 2001i professionalicon. endobj When a formula includes a trigonometric function you must specify the unit "deg." 3 0 obj 5 years ago x�3�3T(�*T0 BSKS=#��T�p-����BQ:�S�������9�4SIQ�w3R04RI�10���r � <> As you explore, and your capabilities grow, you will become an experienced and competent Mathcad user.


<> endstream %äüöß ��� The top picture in this step is a list of the most basic keystrokes used in Mathcad. stream %PDF-1.4 Double Left click on the 10 of the Mass=10kg highlighting it, type 5*10^2, 2. Mathcad ist ein leistungsfähiges Mathematikprogramm, das sowohl für aufwendige und anspruchsvolle ingenieurmathematische Anwendungen als auch schulische Zwecke geeignet ist. endobj To complete this tutorial you will need access to a copy of the Mathcad program. stream 4 0 obj Left click beneath Velocity and type Energy.Kinetic:.5*Mass*Velosity^2=, 3. I've never done anything with Mathcad before. You will also begin to see more and more applications for the Mathcad program, which will only give you more experience. Building a Self-Driving Boat (ArduPilot Rover), Inchworm Robot - Modular, Move Allsides With BT App. 3 0 obj endobj ����.�f���ҐC�]���v3�e��=�tt4�{"��Wݔ��F�i�;N�3�_���Ng���΢؃�(���9;�M��{�{��n�������c��϶߫�X4�K�;�>�77�**�>�E��5s�m0��q��D�7�.�>y�> endobj Upon completion of this tutorial you will understand how to use Mathcad to solve basic equations. Left click beneath Mass and type Acceleration:9.8m/s^2, 3. -���9�|�:~x׉r���ᇇwB��]�a��s!x�����m��5)�\����G���{�|{���K|��C�N������e/�����ۂ-�`�����s�����Ё�A�cc�Nʺ�����f� �@o�G��~[��f?_�\�]�M����ǧ�=|E؞>|yd��^�sS �%n渱Z�yW,��.�E�����=|��X���}������s���݆��d��������)��YϷ�(^s����\��Y�� �. 11 0 obj x�uRMK�0��W�Yh��|4���o��U� ������.Q)������M���k����x�p>��|l8��m��@)+,���/�Cy�HȨѠ��� =ܥ�>�2;���ګ 9x�8��#�,�"�II\���RH�-�\D�h(�M��8U�����5$_r�fqs�8K��dg=I�W / iK�\���T �^�.+�j��d^���@����,�AbfZ�e ˿�ډ�&T����mVa�t?1%��Z��i.yi�yy�1;Bg��M��f�@ܮD��_�#|+��� Who knows, maybe you could be the one writing a Mathcad tutorial someday! Left click beneath Displacement and type Work:Displacement*Force=.

stream 5 0 obj Left click beneath the kinetic energy equation and type Energy.Total:3000J. Left click beneath Radius and type Torque:Radius*Force*sin(qCtrl+g)=, 4. endobj ��p���Z)��. 1 0 obj Mathcad has a default unit for almost everything so it’s good practice to make sure that the unit Mathcad assigns is actually the unit you intend.

<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 8 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> 8 0 obj endstream

Share it with us! x��YI��6�ϯ�9���c�����@CnY �@�%?�h�䶻�=���.�����Ҩ#t����)��;�n����G��O�?����v�x�0]7({컏߻��������y>�I]f�q���*@�O��K5����Ҋ>TV9\��o���>�ޫC���\>�t`�D�G�{�3�>�����N�k>���#/=�;ɇ��o���q�SuZN�3(�E��h���Ɔ�z�m.�.쉆�B��h�v�2��Gr��s_*5��pF^\q�n���+�r�z�پ~>�b%h��C`���I��S���|�(��vڔ�YcQ���� ^ �o;>U�?�>�{>md>'8�)l4���yU���H;F��Ŀ�ͷ�Q*\��1@b%�v��i��?N�Ӎ�QWv�;[��I+%.��Pi�p�!a�.Ph%&�] ;���s�q����0NО��#`L^�v�`��{�UK�{4cӥ This makes Mathcad extremely powerful in that complex computations can be setup once and repeated for different values by simply changing the variables in question. Note: The difference in torque before and after adding deg. 6 0 obj 8 0 obj Mathcad is a computer program used to solve both complex and simple math problems; it can be thought of as a calculator on steroids. 1. You will also need to understand the basic keystrokes required to operate Mathcad. 9 0 obj 2 0 obj This tutorial will teach you the basics of Mathcad by walking you through a variety of physics problems. �-]߮�A��:V���;�(a@�{QdW�H����$v�����T��L�� 84

Left click beneath Work and type Radius:.1m, 2. You also now have a base of knowledge, giving you the ability to further explore the program. endobj stream endobj Therefore, it is important that Mathcad know the values of the variables in equations before it tries to solve those equations. Note: The equation for force is now acting as a variable in the equation for work; force is acting as both an input and an output of the program. 1. <> �c �+ <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> <> 297 1. Left click so that your cursor is just to the right of 30 in θ=30 and type deg. This tutorial will teach you the basics of Mathcad by walking you through a variety of physics problems. Note: Note how the force value changes from 98 N to 2 x 10^3 N automatically. stream <> This tutorial was created using version 15 and therefore these instructions will work best with version 15; however, it is possible to use other versions of the program with this tutorial. Again, this enables users to simply adjust the values of changing variables and have the changes take effect throughout the entire document, through the use of cascading computations. Left click beneath the Force equation and type Displacement:.25m, 2. Most importantly you will understand the fundamentals of how Mathcad works, allowing you to explore more of the program’s features as you work to become a Mathcad master. 6 0 obj Left click beneath the torque equation and type Velosity:2m/s, 2.

This is due to the fact that, computations are in radians by default. Mathcad reads information just like you and I, left to right, top to bottom. endobj

Left click beneath Radius and type qCtrl+g:30, 3. <> endobj

Das besonere an Mathcad ist die spezielle Benutzerschnittstelle, die es dem Anwender erlaubt, Formeln in mathematischer Notation hinzuschreiben. 1. "v����Iz-G.�ܗ��CB���m:��=���C3��C�e4u0��Ϧ�±�i+�ij���L���s�.mɑ�6�����LJc��ե endobj It looks like it makes it super easy to write equations on the computer! endobj 7 0 obj %���� 84 Now that you have created your first Mathcad document you should be able to solve any basic math problem using Mathcad. After a few moments a blank worksheet should appear. Did you make this project? Double click on mathcad.exe c. Copy the MathCAD file by using a right mouse button drag and drop the MathCAD file and drop it into you u drive 2.

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