Under this policy, there are also some types of sensitive media content that we don’t allow at all, because they have the potential to normalize violence and cause distress to those who view them. You can also prohibit the Twitter app from accessing location information at a device level. That’s why it is particularly important to adjust your privacy settings on Twitter. Our site uses cookies to give you the best experience. Click Edit Profile beside your profile picture. To get started, make sure you’re logged into your Twitter account. I hope this tutorial on how to customize your Twitter profile and privacy settings was helpful. E. Contact Settings: You can also manage your contacts you’ve uploaded to Twitter from your address book. Safety – Ensure ‘Display media that may contain sensitive content‘ is unticked to ensure your child doesn’t see inappropriate content. If you’re interested in more social media tutorials, check out my post on, If you’re not subscribed to my YouTube channel, make sure you go over and watch my videos and, How to Make Your Instagram Account Private. But if the photo is not related to you, why bother.

There is a method behind it! was helpful. Reporting and blocking. When you turn it on, you allow Twitter “to capture, store, and use your precise location, such as GPS information.” Twitter may then build detailed motion profiles about you.

If you have any questions, be sure to leave those in the comments below. Using tracking scripts placed on numerous websites, they can still monitor much of what you do online even if you don’t use any of their services.

Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an If the option “Track where you see Twitter content across the web” is activated, it additionally considers your visits to third-party websites with integrated Twitter content (e.g., embedded tweets or tweet buttons).
When you protect your tweets, only people you approve will be able to view what you tweet. For example, Twitter might share that a mobile device identifier corresponds to a male user, aged 25-34. Under Privacy and Safety, you’re going to see an option that says Protect Your Tweets. In Photo Tagging: Choose “Do not allow anyone to tag me in Photos”. View your Twitter profile by clicking Profile in the left hand menu. In the Android version of the Twitter app, you can choose to see (or avoid) “sensitive content” in your feed. Did You Know That Incognito Mode Is Not Private at All. The Privacy Policy also states: “We do not collect this data from browsers that we believe to be located in the European Union or EFTA States.” To be on the safe side, however, you should always deactivate the setting in the “Personalization and data” section under “Privacy and safety.”. How to unprotect your Tweets. ... Click on your profile icon at the top bar and select "Settings and privacy" from the drop-down list. Twitter users can report material they find objectionable by selecting the menu icon on the message and using the Report option. How To Customize Your Twitter Profile and Privacy Settings. Under Photo tagging, you can control who tags you in their photos.

Allow other people to find you in Twitter by adding email address and phone number. According to Twitter, your web browsing history is never associated with your name, email address, phone number or Twitter handle and the data is deleted, obfuscated or aggregated after no longer than 30 days. Since you want to change your Twitter settings privacy and safety, just choose which one do you want to change with regards to privacy and safety. You can prevent Tweets with potentially sensitive content from displaying in your Twitter search results. I had one before that I used, but I just felt like I wanted a new account. Step 1. Control information you share with Twitter settings Getting to know and controlling your settings is an important part of helping protect your information. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You can also turn off the Sync address book contacts setting under “Discoverability and contacts“.
Check both box in “Discoverability” settings. There are many options to choose. technical support services. Do not forget to save settings by clicking “Save changes”.

Click Save Changes when you are finished. You can also have the option to delete your location information. Step 4. I hope this tutorial on how to customize your Twitter profile and privacy settings. Log into your account at twitter.com, click your profile icon on the right and select “Privacy and safety settings” on the left. Am I Ready to Day Trade Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrency? Since you want to change your Twitter settings privacy and safety, just choose which one do you want to change with regards to privacy and safety. This will restrict your tweets to be viewed by ONLY people that follow you. Purchasing Items Online Using Credit Card is Safe but Risky, How to Create New Direct Message in Twitter (5 Steps with Pictures). Log in to your Twitter account using your username and password. Like Google and Facebook, Twitter uses the data collected on its own and other sites to show you personalized ads. In the Safety area of the page, turn on the check box next to “Display media that may contain sensitive content.” (Those using the Twitter for Android app can also do this in the app’s settings.). If you turn off the settings that let others find you by your email address or phone number, Twitter will also not use your address book contacts (if you have chosen to upload them) to suggest your account to others. Direct Messages: if the box beside Receive Message from Anyone is checked, this means you can receive messages from anyone. Changing your Twitter account information is very easy. If you’re interested in more social media tutorials, check out my post on how to manage Instagram comments. Learn what settings you need to change to keep your data private. Privacy Statement ›   System Requirements ›   Release Notes ›, Twitter Privacy Settings You Need to Change. ... To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. View your Twitter profile by clicking Profile in the left hand menu. ... J.

But you can stop them from showing you interest-based ads on and off Twitter. To shield users who do not wish to see such things popping up in their feeds, Twitter blocks those posts from view with the “sensitive content” label. C. Tweet Location: When you Tweet with a location, Twitter will stores that location. Select the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option from the menu. On the next menu, tap ‘Privacy and safety’. If you’ve enabled location-based personalization, Twitter will use information, like where you signed up and your current location (only if location access is enabled), as well as information about other places you’ve been to show you personalized ads and content.

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