Gaps then appear in the apposed surfaces, usually at the isthmus; the entire protoplasts either pass out to melt into one another clear of the old walls, or partly pass out and fuse without complete detachment from the old walls. Consequently, it would appear that these extremely elevated and richly developed narratives of Jacob-Israel embody, among a number of other features, a recollection of two distinct traditions of migration which became fused among the Israelites. This is filtered, washed, and then fused with caustic soda, when the sulpho-group is replaced by a hydroxyl group, and a second hydroxyl group is simultaneously formed; in order to render the formation of this second group easier, a little potassium chlorate or sodium nitrate is added to the reaction mixture. When fused with caustic potash it yields phenol and salicylic acid. Lime is added to bring down the gold, and the sediment, after washing and drying, is fused in graphite crucibles. Biting mandibles; second maxillae incompletely fused. figural art fused with the decorative approach to the book arts. Slightly cupriferous silver is made into dry nitrate and the latter fused to. It may be obtained by heating tellurium bismuth with sodium carbonate, lixiviating the fused mass with water, filtering, and exposing the filtrate to air, when the tellurium is gradually precipitated as a grey powder (J. Fused quartz has recently been used for the construction of lenses and laboratory vessels, or it may be drawn out into the finest elastic fibres and used for suspending mirrors, &c., in physical apparatus. The fused cardines form a broad basal plate (sub-mentum) and the stipites a smaller plate (mentum) - see fig. To stabilize the fabric stretch prior to hooping, Small clusters of ZnSe nucleate in each heptane nanodroplet and, The group's sound is blank canvas of electronic soundscapes that, Crime statistics are political dynamite, and the media is trying constantly to light the, Always connect the autotransformer after the power switch and, Another sign should be a triangle depicting a cartoon bomb with the, Mansfield, born in turn-of-the-century New Zealand, was one of the first modern short story writers to, Make sure that you know how to switch off the mains supply at the, The laser printer caused ink powder from the toner cartridge to, The heat and the continued enzymatic action of rennin cause the protein to, By binding trees together, after shaving off some bark, the trees grow together from the point where they, In a nation where a wealthy handful own half the farm acreage, land reform has been a major, This simple natural Thai soup offers fresh clean flavours that, The fuse structure may further include additional wiring over the electrical insulating layer at the same level as the, The Madras Army did not join the upheaval of 1857, but it had lit a, Back in 1969 the band's keyboardist first performed a concerto he had written to, When they were tied he set several sticks of dynamite under their chairs and rigged, Place the interfacing between the top fabric and the facing, and baste or, Satellite cells proliferate, differentiate, and, While the red lights confirm the supply of power from the post, the green push button is to check the, Their film of women and children cowering behind, At his instance the police also recovered a detonator and a piece of, The tip was stained dirty blue and there was a twist of fine, Look at it closely and you'll see stems as thin as, Still other universes might resemble our own cosmos more closely, but have strong forces so much stronger than ours that all their hydrogen would, Eventually, the dikaryon forms sexual sporangia in which the nuclei, In its place came something which, striving to, One plan, which Miller has been promoting for five years, calls for 40 eastern and Mon Valley municipalities to voluntarily, Second, there was no single flowmaster to, My daughter, herself a doctor, now has perfectly aligned eyes, but cannot use a stereo microscope, or, The North Queensland based group are a newly-formed but very professional outfit who, The content of the carbohydrate rich discoid granules are thought to contribute to the cytoplasm material of the tegument syncytium, and may, He firmly supported the Solidarity trade union movement that was to liberate the Polish people and light the, They stood it upright with the help of some remnant pieces of wood, took a stick from the bonfire and lit the, After choosing complementary beats, minty Fresh considered what it would mean, emotionally, to, Who could have predicted that revolution and Beatlemania would, Remove the paper backing, refold along the pressed creases and, Part of the fun was to make the toast on a fork in front of the nursery electric fire, a process which caused me to, Iron is the heaviest substance that a star can make in its life because heavier elements require more energy to, The aspirations of the various nationalities of the empire were rigorously suppressed, and a determined effort was made to, Some of you may have noticed Ampin had blown a, In the early Drosophila embryo, the male and female pronuclei, No kind of threats, cajoling or convincing can get a line-man to scamper up an electric post or poke at a blown. The vertebrae are stereospondylous, the centrum or body and the arch being com pletely fused into one mass, leaving not even a neuro-central suture. Fuse Kinstones with all four Tingle siblings. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families. Examples of fuse in a sentence: 1. Rap music came into existence when an artist decided to fuse spoken word poetry with music. 15, A, a, a) of an axillary shoot (b) fused into one by their posterior margins (fig. Gravity then squeezes them further, and the centers get still hotter, until the helium nuclei, When contact is detected, the system sends a surge of electricity through the, The ones that insist on having the same density of, Badly wounded in a dog-fight, he lay on his blanket without anaesthetic and let my father stitch him together with, Another thought is to use one of the unused fuseways in the in-cabin, The next stage is to get a fuse box with three fuseways in it that'll take about 20 amps through each, The job will be not of dissimilar magnitude to replacing all the fuseways in an old, He quickly went to work in the room that seemed to contain a giant, This image set shows the temperature profile of a 1 amp, He also helpfully advised us that this procedure was also highly effective for use in, We offer a full supply and fit service when fitting new, A new cooker circuit is quite expensive to install as the cable is larger and the circuit needs to be supplied from the, We're shopping for an older house and many of the houses we've looked at have, The source of the fire was an electrical fault and was traced to an old, Firefighters from Camborne and Redruth attended when a, I clicked off the switch, and ran downstairs to the, If the lights go out you will always have to go to the, We are going back today to investigate this because the, However, I have my weaknesses, and one of them is that I have a pretty short, Please find the spirit that set the spark that lit the, They were just ordinary kids, with extraordinary luck of being in Philadelphia at the moment the old town lit the, What he doesn't know, of course is that he is the bomb, complete with remotely controlled, We are, perhaps literally, sitting on a bomb with a, Lit at one end, the small amount of gunpowder in the core of the, The silly tension of passing along this bomb as the, Turn the power off at the furnace or by removing the, If there are two ways to connect something, I will unerringly opt for the wrong one and, The printer then transfers the toner from the drum to the paper and applies intense heat to, When vesicles arrive at their destination, they, The additional membrane is provided by intracellular vesicles, which, A more direct approach, for example, would be one in which two protons, Solar neutrinos are produced when two protons, They hypothesize that four hydrogen atoms, The ascomycete fungi are haploid at all times other than when the gametes, It demands a tenfold increase in temperature before it will, His blends of smooth sounds and ruff beats.

The tetroxide, 0s04, is formed when osmium compounds are heated in air, or with aqua regia, or fused with caustic alkali and nitre.

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