Phishing is a criminal act in which someone tries to get your information by pretending to be an entity that you trust. The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) has seen a rise in our contact center through calls and LiveChat messages recently about a letter from the U.S. Census that people have been getting in the mail titled “My 2020 Census.” Callers are afraid it might be a scam because of the word “my” before “2020 Census.” Emails from the Census Bureau are sent from the official domain. One of the ways scammers trick you into thinking you’re talking with an official representative of the U.S. Census Bureau is through call spoofing. Although legitimate employers need this information, it’s not required until well into the hiring process, after you’ve spoken with other employees in person. Another way scammers may try to extract personal information from you is by calling and asking you to report your household information over the phone (as well as sensitive data that the actual census would never ask for). "Verify a Census Bureau Survey, Mailing, or Contact." “Republicans Send Out a ‘Census’ Form — That’s Really a Fundraiser.” The Census Bureau will not ask you to … Lincoln Project: See Something, Say Something! Though the coronavirus pandemic initially hindered door to door census-taking activity for 2020, the Census Bureau resumed follow-up visits to approximately 56 million U.S. households in July. This, of course, still makes it a viable option for those with malicious intent to show up at your home and claim to be a Census Bureau representative. And in doing so, you can become a trusted source. If it is determined that the visitor who came to your door does not work for the Census Bureau, contact your local police department. That ID will include a Department of Commerce watermark and expiration date. 1-888-400-5530 Kiser posted images of the mailing on Twitter, and the tweet went viral, prompting our readers to inquire as to whether the GOP was sending out a “fake Census”: #BreakingNews Those messages may contain what appears to be a genuine link to or another census bureau site that's actually fake or infected with malware. “If the web address doesn’t end in ‘.gov’ and if the address doesn’t start with ‘https’ or the padlock icon doesn’t appear in the address bar, regardless of how official it may appear to be, you’re likely dealing with a census scam website designed to harvest your data and steal your information,” Tomaschek said. There should also be a padlock icon in the address bar, which indicates that the site is secure. There should also be a padlock icon in the address bar, which indicates that the site is secure. Jeffersonville, Indiana, where all official census forms are mailed.

Further, it is labeled as the “2019 Congressional District Census” and lists a date for recipients to respond by. To help verify if a social media post, online advertisement, text, or email is valid, the Census Bureau has provided a list of approved national partners who are helping spread awareness about the importance of responding to the U.S. Census. to learn more about these other surveys and how they work.

“Know that the Census Bureau will never request money or donations in any form, so if someone posing as a census agent asks for money, ignore the scammer and refuse the request,” Tomaschek said. Re-posted with permission.
However, these forms were not related to the census at all. But instead, it goes directly to a scammer.

However, the Census Bureau will never contact you via email to complete a survey. Did you get a letter in the mail about the census? An undercount leads to a loss of essential Federal funds for the next 10 years and potential losses in Congressional representation. That is alarming. The U.S. Census Bureau also has a helpful page about how to verify a census survey, mailing or contact here: When I called the number listed below they told me that my mother had to fill this out and send it in with a $15 processing fee.

People are reporting them here, in Westchester County. This initiative occurs once every 10 years and determines how federal aid funding is distributed to states as well as the number of representatives each state is allowed in the federal legislature. Throughout the 2020 Census, the Census Bureau never asked for: In addition, the Census Bureau will not contact you on behalf of a political party. One trick for collecting personal information through the mail is sending postcards with a QR code and asking recipients to scan the code with their smartphones in order to access the census survey on a webpage, according to Rachel Willson, investigative coordinator in client relations for The Smith Investigation Agency. Phishing emails often direct you to a website that looks real but is fake—and may be infected with malware.

“By no means should you click on any links or download any attachments in the email. Originally posted on Disarm Disinfo. Whisper Accidental Overexposure Exposes Sensitive Information of 900 Million..., Coronavirus Business Scam Targeting Employees. All valid Census Bureau websites will always have ".gov" at the end. The form asked for personal details, such as age, education and who else lived with him. If the person at your door can’t produce a valid ID or isn’t listed in the directory, they are likely a scammer and should be turned away and reported. Choose the email lists you'd like to sign up for below by checking the boxes. Scammers are posting job applications for people interested in temporary positions with the Census Bureau. The government uses the Census to collect data on those living in the U.S. Searching for Voter Suppression Incidents as They Happen? received an authentic-looking census package in the mail in December. “If you do receive an unsolicited email purporting to be from the Census Bureau and requesting you to complete a survey, you can bet that you’re dealing with a scam artist,” Tomaschek said. My mother recieved a “Congressional Census” in the mail that was pro Trump from the @RNC @GOP. , a lawyer, professor, author and expert in identity theft and cybersecurity. "The Impostors: Stealing Money, Damaging Lives." The form asked for personal details, such as age, education and who else lived with him.

The American Community Survey (ACS), on the other hand, is conducted monthly, every year. The American Community Survey is conducted monthly, every year, and is also used to collect personal details regarding things like education, employment, and internet access. Fake Congressional Census 2020 Mailers.

If the caller cannot be identified, do not under any circumstances provide the caller with any information” Tomaschek said. All rights reserved.

Reports of the 2020 fake Census forms starting increasing in February. It’s common practice,” Mileah Kromer, director of Goucher College’s Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center, told the Sun in 2018. If a link appears suspicious, forward the email to the U.S. Census Bureau at and then delete it. Because the Census Bureau’s first contact is usually through the mail, scammers will try and beat them to the punch and send out faux census documents to unsuspecting recipients.
This article contains a few important points related to the upcoming Census: The Republican National Committee (RNC) has been sending out fundraising requests disguised as official Census forms for a while. The RNC drew criticism as far back as 2010 for sending out a similar form, of which ProPublica reported at the time: “An editor here at ProPublica received this ‘Census’ form in the mail last week. It covers important topics not included on the 10-year Census, such as education, employment, transportation, and internet access. your Social Security number, mother's maiden name, etc. Similarly, you could receive forms that are designed to look like official census mail, but are intended to confuse you and lead to inaccurate census counts. Regardless of how you’re contacted by the Census Bureau, however, there are a few pieces of information the census will never ask for.

“It may be that social media helps bring stuff like this to light — just about anybody can post an image on Twitter, and it can start trending,” Meirick told us. “As with so many scams, this scam exploits a kernel of truth, which is that the Census Bureau is looking for people to fill thousands of temporary positions,” Weisman said.

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