You are here: Home » Ernie Ball/Music Man » Warren DeMartini: Strings, Picks, Solos, Snakeskin. That would be the JB, Super Distrotion, and the like as was mentioned before. All prices are in USD I think (pretty sure) it is a custom of what he uses/is into now. Somehow this made the guitar sound really good….”, Category: Ernie Ball/Music Man, Warren DeMartini. Not sure where it came from (the VG article is full of inaccuracies, Scott Webber: I met Jose in 1990 when he was working out of his garage and had him mod a '73 Superlead for me. Let me first say this: The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop RTM bridge humbucker is one of the coolest pickups you’ve probably never thought about trying. To start viewing messages, and A5 mag? But even if you don’t know the name, chances are you know the SOUND. My first mistake was trying to do it to a primed body. Anyway, if memory serves, the discussion that day vacillates between the RTM and the 78 Model. Most of them. Santa Barbara, California. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Die Familie zog später nach San Diego, Kalifornien um. I had the honor once of plugging into Eddies rig, and would you believe, I sounded like Ted Nugent?? If this is your first visit, be sure to That ESP is the first one I used for that first RTM. “I keep my hands stiff, yet there is still a slight movement in my thumb and finger. I, Terry: I know for fact that Vai borrowed Arredondo and Lee Jackson modded amplifiers from Steve Stevens for, ITheFight: I have noticed over the years that sometimes if you want better tone, all you have to do is raise th, Derek: It's inspiring to read some detail about Paul's tone and amps used - Thank you. Being tense in the beginning, I just kept playing that way to try to make sure I was doing everything correctly. Copyright © 2020 Seymour Duncan. You may have to register The nadliest of nads. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. “My strings are Ernie Balls, 10 to 46. In other words, if the pointed part of the pick was staring straight down at the floor, you would twist it a little bit to the right – about a third of a turn – so that the left edge of the pick is almost going exactly like where your thumb is.

The baseplate is signed by Seymour and Warren DeMartini on all the RTMs shipped. “Take Stevie Ray Vaughan: he’s got a real find technique, and he can play really fast and accurate, but he just gets into whatever song he’s playing. Musician thinking - nice strat, looks like a 62, that Marshall JCM 800 sounds great, the lead guitarist could use a bit less treble.

The metal [stainless steel] pick wears out strings pretty fast, especially the D. Last year I liked using the same guitar so much that during one song, I would switch guitars so that my technician could change my D, A and low E strings, stretch them out, and give me the guitar back. All are welcome, from seasoned pros to absolute beginners.

But it’s always that 2 to 3 ratio: it’s two picks, and then you hammer the last note. link above. It’s the same technique used to apply skin to the Japanese traditional Taiko drum. > You can also get high-quality (and super high-dollar) Warren replica guitars from Performance Guitars, the folks who built several of Warren’s guitars. DeMartinis Großmutter war ebenfalls professionelle Musikerin und begleitete Stummfilme am Klavier in Preston, Minnesota. tone forum. That would be the JB, Super Distrotion, and the like as was mentioned before. link above.

But these reflect their personal tastes these days, and wouldn't accurately reproduce the "80s superstrat sound" as we know it.

Originally wound as part of a pair for Seymour’s own Tele-Gib (which was built for a certain legendary British guitarist in the 70s), the JB has gone on to become one of the most iconic bridge pickups in rock music.

Re: custom shop warren deMartini pickup? It's loud, has great clarity, and sounds very RATT like but with a slightly different twist in sound. Is the New EVH Pickup ‘the’ Pickup? There’s no finish over the skins because I want them to look like they were played on.”, reports that “the snakeskin was stuck on to the under-coated body using water-based glue. what would the over all difference be in the JB with an A2 mag v.s. It's kind of an unsung hero of sorts. on Review: Seymour Duncan Custom Shop RTM Humbucker, on Glen Drover formerly of Megadeth describes pedals, pickups, and his upcoming live performance, Review: Seymour Duncan Custom Shop RTM Humbucker, Glen Drover formerly of Megadeth describes pedals, pickups, and his upcoming live performance. It’s as loud as any high output humbuckers, but what makes it special is the way it naturally compresses to make every note smooth and balanced.

“I play a little bit in front of the pickup and the pick is angled down toward the bridge or the edge of the pickup ring. before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. And the characteristics aren't that similar.

It’s kind of an unsung hero of sorts. To the other extreme, a lower end import guitar from a different brand with a poplar body, maple neck and rosewood board. DeMartini wuchs in Chicago, Illinois als jüngstes von sechs Kindern auf. The RTM is the first Custom Shop model that I tried. All times are GMT-8. You can get incredible speed on that kind of thing. > Maricela Juarez is the semi-famous Duncan custom shop pickup expert often better known by her initials, MJ. I'll be jamming on this pickup for years to come!

Thanks everyone @ SD! Inductance: 8.83 H Check out the RTM in action in this video: Riffing is fun, thanks to an authoritative presence. That, along with the skin, gave it a very bassy, mushy sound. I started keeping my wrist stiff when we began playing live more.

I do not think it is a recreation of an earlier pickup or sound since he used a JB stock. A Screamin Demon also is a good choice for that tone, if I'm reading you right. Believe me when I say that some of the most amazing music in history was made on equipment that's not as good as what you own right now. It was applied wet.


Started with Fair Warning, whose balls I just can’t get enough of…which doesn’t sound so good but you get what I mean. When the good people at Seymour Duncan told me I could choose any Custom Shop model to review for this blog, I had no idea which one to pick. Here’s part 2 of the post on Warren DeMartini’s gear – plus intel on how to make your own snakeskin-covered guitar and how he looks at guitar solos. Seymour Duncan, You Guys ROCK the Solar System !!! All of this info is from the 1987 Guitar Player interview and the site referenced in part 1. Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan® Custom Design Warren DeMartini Neck Pickup: Seymour Duncan® Quarter Pound Flat™ SSL-4 Single-Coil Strat® Controls: Master Volume Pickup Switching: 3-Position Toggle: Position 1. Embracing a lot of the players that he has listened to such as Al DiMeola and Vinnie Moore, Glen Drover worked hard to hone his guitar playing and his craft. To start with, the RTM is richer sounding, and I’m not talking about the price tag *rim shot*.
I think he was more excited to see them than I was – not that I wasn’t, but this was the mighty Van Halen whose tunes the both of us have copped, jammed to and listened […], Warren DeMartini: Strings, Picks, Solos, Snakeskin, Alex Lifeson: Composing Solos, Rig Mainstays, John: Intro on Hear Solos on One Foot Out the Door definitely have the Eventide as does the clean intro on, Rich_D: I thought the Eventide was all over the recording of this album, especially all the chordy stuff lik, Mark: GLAD YOU'RE BACK! Remember that DeMartini was a big fan of Lynch. Talk with your fellow tone freaks on the web's liveliest (and friendliest!) Email ( required; will not be published ), Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, Got it in my head to figure out which Van Halen song tones – not album tones – I liked the most. I'm looking for, Mike: I agree!!! HaHa! The first time seeing Custom Shop Manager Maricela Juarez (“MJ”) at a guitar show, you quickly learn that you will be taking home at least one new pickup. All quotes are Warren’s unless otherwise noted. Listen to it cranked in my car because that’s the only […], LOVE the first four Van Halen albums. Tag Archives: warren demartini. > You can also get high-quality (and super high-dollar) Warren replica guitars from Performance Guitars, the folks who built several of Warren’s guitars.

The first time seeing Custom Shop Manager Maricela Juarez (“MJ”) at a guitar show, you quickly learn that you will be taking home at least one new pickup. It shrinks when it dries, and it gave a characteristic sound. Tech experts from Seymour Duncan are regularly on this forum, and are clearly labeled as employees of Seymour Duncan. As a brief reminder, what got my attention were the following things: > A good wood combo: swamp ash, maple/rosewood. All quotes are Warren’s unless otherwise noted. The RTM is loud, so you might find you still need to roll back on a clean amp setting. Let’s call him Sean – because that’s his name…. They are here to help. Presumably that pickup is the Duncan Custom Shop DeMartini pickup, which is a lot like the JB, and is even more like George Lynch’s Super V pickup (more on all that in this prior post).

There was a strong encouragement to install the RTM in a bright guitar, which is a good idea. There is just no other way about it. It didn’t look like it, but it sounds like Warren hit the strings very hard. I’ve also tried one in an American Standard Strat with an alder body, maple neck and maple board. This time it’s the recent Esquire interview with Edward Van Halen. MJ flat out denies that when I’ve asked. Jakes Ultmate Sin tone and Badlands was pure JB. Picks and Strings. Mine are trem-spaced and I prefer 4-con lead wire. Re: Overwound A2 pickups - EVH, George Lynch, Warren DeMartini, CC, When asking for pickup suggestions please tell us what amp you`re using. I'm not a engineer but,from what have read and have tested.i agree.....srv used a mild pr, Deenohh: Absolutely wrong. Let's look at some of the gear and equipment that has been seen in Warren DeMartini's more recent guitar rigs. Remember that DeMartini was a big fan of Lynch. select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

good? I use an A2 JB in a mahogany strat. Great in brighter guitars!

However, even though it's the world's most popular pickup, you might not know it immediately. That way, there’s more pick touching the string and it’s warmer.

If I used a plastic pick, I would wear the pick away, but the steel pick doesn’t wear away at all.”. Chords become more complex and your solos will sound even when going from far up to far down the fretboard. Always dug Schenker's tone, but the 70's stuff was always a little too biting for, Derek: Inspired by this article, I went looking for and found my Selmer Treble & Bass Fifty in 2015. If you are using a JB, you might be a little more familiar with the precise lows and focused highs of the Alnico 5 magnet. And yes, my experience does confirm that it does like a brighter guitar a little better. Has anybody compared them? He, John Sipple: How would one hook up each separate volume/expression pedal for each effect without swelling or dimi, Don G: If you're a creative person with a good ear for intervals and pitch then regardless of lessons you h. What’s worth noting the most above is that Warren says his pickups are around 18.5!

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