Do some research, then make your Useless College Degree list. Or is it because they can’t think clearly? It is the equivivlent of saying “all science is useless”, “I would never even dream of picking up one of Russell’s books because I do not want to waste my time pondering over questions that have no answers”. After encounters Card payments collected by DeltaQuest Media, company no. It’s not always purely focused towards a career. And nobody wants plaid bellbottoms back. These same people who major in those fields that don’t have high job prospects whine about how it’s not fair that they’re in all of this debt and that taxpayers should have to pay for their education. I work at an Art Gallery and I am happy.

I’m 59 years old and STILL pursue various educational opportunities in order to keep myself relevant. “Anyone who can’t argue with the facts like to call people stupid, you dumbass!”. Long winded, think they are always right, LOVE to hear thier own voices, and talk in circles. I'm not supporting the other degrees on this page though, for example Football Culture, but I do not think Psychology should be referred to at all when they're are much more useless degrees you could take. Ask any company. Baudrilliard and others also contributed to the violent rhetoric, some of their works even being responsible for the Matrix trilogy, which promoted Marxism and anarcho-nihilism. Another thing,if you're an artist, getting an apartment on your own is not the norm here. Science looks at the small detail (physical/material universe) and tests the theory in the world. Give it time….write your finals….. cool off a bit. No, their kids study things like philosophy and go on to live lovely upper-middle-class and upper-class lives while the guy with the sports management degree remains at the bottom of the career ladder. I doubt when I’m taking my last breath that I’ll be uttering words such as: if only there had been more women graduating from women studies programs that I may have been spared this dreadful disease.

Of course, I love the ad hominem in your own posts. High school lit is different from IB. We do not charge or put articles behind a paywall.
If he doesn't like it I said to get a Liberal Arts degree until he knows what he wants do.

Ethics. Valuers, art gallery owners, museum workers, artists. Sheesh. It’s because women don’t want to do these jobs… Same reason why guys aren’t the leading number of beauticians.

If you want to work in business, or understand how to make money, study economics, and don’t skimp on your math courses in the process. Celeb-style degrees can also be found in the US, with Madonna studies injected into the Gender course at Harvard (no less) and Oprah Winfrey studies at Illinois. Either way, it’s hard to take them seriously. By the way, how do you think every science, political stance etc. We need to put bread on the table! Before there was science there was philosophy. And if you're wondering what you should study instead, check out our list of the best university courses! At first glance, the study of either anthropology or archaeology are both attractive propositions.
has provided him with the basic tools (laptop, washing machine, etc) that he needs to carry on his pathetic existence. No it is not the same. people wonder why some majors are labeled easy or hard. By taking these "useless" courses (your words, not mine) you gain insight into life itself and understand human life at a deeper level, and you will feel more fulfilled than if you got a degree in, say, accounting and sat all day in an office living a mundane life full of trivialities and tedious tasks. The poster you replied to never said that Philosophy was a necessary pre-requisite to thinking critically, he just said it helps you to think critically. Therefore art it is an invaluable primary source for understanding history and the evolution of humanity to the present day. There is knowledge to be gained from every course, in some degree (no pun intended). Lol, yeah, because engineering is so easy you self-righteous hypocrite–just kidding. And get paid My son is majoring in Engineering. It is fine that you all think I'm an idiot, but using that as your main point in an argument shows extreme weakness.

So what? XD. As I browse the Web, skimming comments on various topics, one word comes up again and again: stupid. It is a job that does not exist anymore- as the sheer quantity of desperate phds usher in the end of tenure-track jobs. Also funny how every time someone gets you on an argument, you shift it to another topic, thereby avoiding having to admit they got you. But i ask that you do not diminish mine. That's what I mean by "beating you at your own game". And to read your blog is like making fun of what i aspire to be. theres money, but that doesn't mean you will be successful in studying it. In the end, these degrees just get their holders into an interview or something.

One is working for the BBC and the other works in local authority. Well, it is entirely your right to feel that paying $80,000 for a philosophy degree is useless. brain-dead I personally think it’s great that there are so many different types of degree courses available now. Queer musicology isn't something UCLA invented. Skills will develop from critical reading of the literature in a variety of disciplines; from summarizing and synthesizing the information; and from comparing, contrasting, and defending ideas orally and in writing. Having Women's Studies is no different than offering a "Play the Race Card" degree for whatever minority is in vogue at the time.

Here are some totally useless degrees. obtuse Your arguments seem like well organized clever rebuttals but are clearly BULLSHIT to anyone with a lick of sense.”, Did you reread this before you posted? To say something like, “…it’s not as strong as a philosophy major usually” is probably one of the most ridiculous things I’ve read on this page so far. Share this … There is a degree now in ‘lady gaga sociology’ – which caused a aprt of me to die inside. The cynicism is understandable, and a lot of "Sports studies" really are fodder classes meant to attract money, not increase overall intelligence. College is NOT a right. Philosophical work, as a general rule, works outside the boundaries of other academic fields, forming the questions that have yet to be asked, and trying to find ways to answer them. It’s not useless and it helps the younger generations with some historic culture. A philosophy degree proves the person has dedicated to themsleves to life-long learning not for mere monetary gain but in attaining knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Knowledge of philosophers, artists, writers, and their works will hardly take you anywhere in real life unless you rightfully apply it. Degrees of stupidity. No other subject can have contributed so much high quality hair to the Oxford scene. Liberal arts has always contributed to society. Would he/she be able to figure out scientific truths herself by simply “extrapolating from her own observations”? You’re a philosophy major, are you not? Even today, those studying the so called “useful” degree subjects will have to learn some philosophy relevant to their subject. Thanks for setting the record straight. Philosophers can’t build bridges, but they can influence society, they can teach other people how to think critically, they can make people start thinking about the meaning of life. I think anyone who comes across this discussion will agree with my view.

I feel like any article that claims a given major to be useless should back it up with some sort of evidence. It's unlikely you'll be able to think of anything, so I'll give other, more capable people, the gist of why I believe it. If I want to learn a language, I do it.

Although I agree with the beckham course. Maybe if education were valued for more than the money it brings?

Philosophy like to say “since we ask the questions what if?, how?

I'm telling you this for your own good.

Today when hardly anybody has a sense of chronology in history, you belittle this as just so much idle chatter. Philosophy, like sociology and psychology, is one of those degrees that people do when they’re not quite sure what vocation they want to follow . You know, I really should have gone into philosophy when I entered university. Engineers have to learn a lot of insane stuff, sciences have to learn the same stuff, but not as much of it, and many other majors teach stuff that is not really different than studying celebrity lives or stuff that you shouldn't have to take a class to know. This page is ridiculous. To all of those defending the Philosophy major I would love a top ten list focusing on something philosophical, so use that degree and send me a top ten list based in philosophy. For all of you ” useful majors”, I hope you enjoy cardiac episodes at the age of Forty. Philosophy is important and has contributions to many fields. The UBC website for degree requirements states: “Excellent reading, writing, and speaking skills are expected of graduates of the B.Sc. And why is my joke childish, but your insult to the site fair and not juvenile. They are both earning over 100k. You be the judge. Of course some scientists (Einstein, Tesla, Kepler, Newton etc. ) The important thing is that we all found a way to be superior to one another. Max, (and everyone), Sometimes comments get caught by the spam filter for whatever reason. Film studies, media studies and drama have been ranked among the most “pointless degrees” according to new research. Why would you want to waste your time taking about trivial things?

I don't think it is a matter of playing a "card" but to surpass the notion that women are unimportant to history or today's society just merely overlooked or suppressed. A degree is often what you make of it and not everyone who studies for a degree is doing so for the same reason. Strangely too, I fantasize often about a job with wildlife, being an animal doctor, designing amusement park rides, and computer animation. But its not the actually subject matter you should focus on, but how you are able to interpret it. A lot of the philosophers who existed since the Enlightenment period (maybe late Renaissance) published works that were detrimental to Christians and other religious people, not to mention pretty much everyone nearby. Physics and chemistry major would also obtain the skills to scrutinize evidence and statistics. Expert?

But the idea that they should get it at someone else’s cost is unjustifiable in a moral sense.

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