I really loved that character.

If you want to break into the industry, you start by breaking into the artistry. It's fun and I just keep doing it because it's fun." Then also, the entrepreneurial, business mindset that you eventually have to have if you want to be a professional. Our goal was not one of fidelity to the prequels. And I like doing it, so why don't I? You ultimately have to be an entrepreneurial artist, but you don't start with the entrepreneurial part. It's a fun little carnival when you got those guys running around. Often, he's playing multiple parts in a single scene. While his work includes being on Legends of the Hidden Temple, The Boxtrolls, and part of video games, like Halo and Overwatch, Baker may be best known as the voice behind animals and other cute and kooky characters from animated stories. I watched it all summer long, the second summer that it was re-released.

You go to San Diego Comic-Con and you have any number of mythologies that co-mingle under one big roof. 1993-present Avatar: The Last Airbender was followed by The Legend of Korra, which focused on the new Avatar, Korra. Areas Active As mentioned, Baker is known as the voice behind many animal characters in animated movies and series, and this includes Bagheera, in this series. This practical panther was portrayed by Elizabeth Daily in season 1, followed by Baker in the second season. I just dabbled in stuff I liked. I love Rex because he endured it and he made it all the way to Endor. I prefer that as an actor. I really liked doing it, I just didn't think I was all that good. Los Angeles Dee Bradley Baker is an actor and voice actor who has been seen and heard in many shows, movies and games. I can perform it well without hurting myself. And here I am in the middle of Star Wars, being a part of all these great, fun shows, from the animated series to even the movies and video games as well. A very far cry from the clones, but it's great fun and I love that kind of stuff.

I mean, that's all I did. And then, the other aspect is the acting challenge of being these different clones, the Bad Batch, and keeping them distinct. ... Overwatch Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I thought they were really interesting and really fun and I miss those characters, just personally. As a child he was a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Frank Zappa and Planet of the Apes, and also liked insects, arthropods and dinosaurs. I like that. It's also... there's a little boy in me that loved Star Wars since I was a kid. Dee Bradley Baker (born August 31, 1962) is an American voice actor. It's really just this wonderful affirming thing to me. In the 2011 Family Guy episode "It's a Trap! You want to become an actor. Frankly, it's great fun. So those two aspects of it make it a unique project, a unique thrill in my career.

There's a need for that in animation.

Occupation It's this non-exclusive embrace of difference. But it starts with the fun. Dee Bradley Baker was born on August 31, 1962 in Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

Arrowverse: 5 Ways Barry Allen Is The Best Character (& 5 It’s Oliver Queen), 10 Shows About The Demonic & Supernatural Available On Netflix, Umbrella Academy: Why The Handler Is The Best Villain (& Why It's Leonard Peabody), Game of Thrones: 5 Characters That Should Have Made It To The Finale (& 5 That Did - But Shouldn't Have). But for me, I didn't care because I just liked doing that kind of stuff.

In 2014, Perry was nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award for Best Animal Sidekick. I go through that extensively on my site, in terms of having fun, and the exploration part. And I can do those things. What's that like in the recording booth? He said hello to me, I think, twice and that was it. Even if you don't recognize Dee Bradley Baker's name, you've probably heard his voice. Place of Birth That's a great reason to do it. I found him a standout, interesting. You don't really get that as an actor in a voiceover studio. This is a universe that I dreamed of being a part of the creation of. I did a lot of improv and some stand-up and I liked popular culture and monsters and video games and movies and reading and science fiction and music. So, you mush those things together, in addition to a lot of performing of musicals and Shakespeare and theme park shows and singing telegrams and everything. I did that from high school through college and then just kept doing that, but that was a hobby to me, that was never anything in my mind more than a hobby. I also had a habit of creating sketches and audio plays and stand-up comedy and live performances with my friends. He also voiced in the Ben 10 sequels such as Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben 10: Omniverse, as well as its live-action adaptation. Baker has also provided his voice for various theme park rides and attractions. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Her furry friend was a polar bear dog named Naga, and early on, she met Pabu, a fire ferret that belonged to Bolin. You start by having fun. From voicing classic characters that have been entertaining fans for years to bringing to life fan-favorite supporting characters, genres and tales, all show just how impressive this actor is.

Yeah. I thought animals were really cool. I feel at home and I feel energized and inspired and I draw enthusiasm from the energy of these nonhuman creatures. What I'm doing is problem-solving a story by channeling my acting through sounds. Each episode featured the boys having adventures while on summer vacation … adventures that always annoyed their sister, Candace. During season 5, there was an animated episode, which had references to things like Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and The Walking Dead. I was messing around with my voice. He was involved in local theater productions and singing groups. Voices Krypto, Ace the Bat-Hound Dee Bradley Baker (born August 31, 1962) is an American voice actor.

So, once I got out to L.A., I started just trying lots of different performing, and then it became clear to me that they like creatures and monsters.

He voices Pollie Ducklings and Burpy in T.O.T.S.. Baker was born in Bloomington, Indiana to Buddy and Nancy Baker, and grew up in Greeley, Colorado. You know, the Star Trek people hate the Star Wars people, or whatever. Dee Bradley Baker Dee Bradley Baker (born August 31, 1962) is an American actor and voice actor. He has been married to Michelle Baker since 1990. Things that other people may be into is not a threat, it's actually an affirmation and a good thing.

At first, they weren't sure if that was going to read okay or if that was going to be jarring. Take a visual walk through his career and see 2075 images of the characters he's voiced and listen to 165 clips that showcase his performances.. Trivia & Fun Facts: How is the process of recording a game different from a TV show? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. In your opinion, if people want to break into this industry, what do you think is the most important thing that they can do? There's nothing like that. He attended … I was going to send George Lucas, when I was a kid, some drawings that I had of aliens and creatures because I wanted to make aliens and creatures. For you, what makes Clone Wars a unique project? There's nothing else that I love like I loved Star Wars, except maybe Planet of the Apes, when I was a kid.

They feel like different people to me, and I can just switch back and forth. And I was too afraid to send it to him. Whereas in animation, you may have that. They live in the Los Angeles area. I loved what she did and what Nika brought and I really miss that.

As The Clone Wars returns to Disney+ after an eight-year hiatus for its seventh and final season, Baker took a few minutes to talk to Looper about his career, his time as part of the Star Wars universe, the Bad Batch arc that kicked off the recent Clone Wars revival, and much, much more. In animation, you're often with a group.

It's different. Taking its inspiration from The Jungle Book, Jungle Cubs ran for two seasons, starting in 1996 and featured younger versions of the animal characters.

Apparently, he teamed up with the Looney Tunes to play against a group of aliens! Is there anyone on the show that you feel hasn't gotten the attention that they've deserved from the fans, or who you particularly enjoy working with? Dee Bradley Baker is a voice actor known for voicing Captain Rex, Carnage, and Numbuh 4 / Wallabee Beatles. Phineas and Ferb came on the Disney Channel from 2008 to 2015, and its main characters were stepbrothers named Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher. It's something I stumbled into by the time I was about 30 years old. Did you have to record new dialogue for the new season? The writers and the other show creators and everybody else, they worked with him directly quite a bit but I, literally, all I got was two hellos and that's all. That's a unique and remarkable thing. Nationality But you don't see that. First of all, I've loved Star Wars since I was a kid. I'm not inhibited. But this is unique, where you're actually performing an entire scene, doing all of the characters in a scene. How do you play those songs one after the other?"

Your website offers a lot of advice for aspiring voice actors. And then I map that out with Dave Filoni or whoever is in the booth so that we have a tone of authority or of age or of swagger or whatever you want to pin on that clone. ", a parody of the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi, he voiced Klaus as Admiral Ackbar. You want to become somebody who enjoys performing, who is good at it, and who brings an artist's confidence to it. They have two children. How did you go about developing that voice? Entertainment, https://dubbing.fandom.com/wiki/Dee_Bradley_Baker?oldid=76370. That, to me, is encouraging and it's hopeful and it leads to optimism, to see that. Derrick J. Wyatt, who was the art director for Omniverse, noted that they had to allow other voice actors to do some of the aliens in the later series because Baker was doing almost all of them and some of the characters were putting a strain on his throat. Anakin, of course, now that's a straight-ahead impression, and then they replaced him with Matt [Latner] who took the character and the voice in a very different direction. It's much more punishing vocally, in terms of the amount of work and the amount of punishment that you take from the work, because it's usually war. Some of the dialogue is new, but most of it was what we recorded originally when George Lucas was directly involved with The Clone Wars. And by the time I was late 20s, really early 30s, that's when I probably would've said, "Well, I guess I'm a voice actor.". Between 2010 and 2018, Adventure Time came on the Cartoon Network, and centered around a boy named Finn and a dog with powers, named Jake. But it probably comes down to maybe an adjective or two, is how I conceive of it. It started closer to the reference but it was his thing.

SpongeBob SquarePants is an animated series that has been on since 1999. And the answer is, "Well first of all, I have the facility and second of all, I can just see it. Never.

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