Such societies often have less social cohesion than other societies because of the competitive attitude that capitalism requires. Private profit motive super-cedes the social serving motive of a firm. Competition is one of the crucial characteristics of capitalism. There is keen competition among producers and entrepreneurs to produce and sell goods. September 15, 2019, 10:00 pm, by Karl Marx was a 19th century philosopher, author and economist famous for his ideas about capitalism and communism. They also understand that there are growing pains associated with progress, such as initial implementation costs, learning curves, increased training demands and the need for more highly skilled and educated workers.

Protecting the interests of labours and safeguarding them from the hands of capitalism were the main activities of the trade unions. There is free competition, free co-operating and free combination in Property Rights take precedence over Human Rights5. Under
These big monopolies come to control the market and have the huge amount of resources. Companies do not exist solely to satisfy people's needs. Individual freedom comes before the rest of human rights. Historically, capitalist society was characterized by the split between two classes of individuals—the capitalist class, which owns the means for producing and distributing goods (the owners) and the working class, who sell their labor to the capitalist class in exchange for wages. Competition prevails among sellers to sell their goods and among buyers to obtain goods to satisfy their wants. The consequence of this is the increase in the circulation of capital that stimulates the wealth of society, increases savings and as a consequence generates investment. The drawback of this capitalism economic system was widening the gap between the owners of the concern and management of the concern and giving rise to monopoly. This will prevent them from paying the labour class enough money, and it will result in overall disappointment. On one side, while this is a disadvantage, thinking from a capitalism point of view, it is a norm to consider profit as a significant motive. not confer any corresponding social benefit, though it may be advantageous to For example, if there is only one store that provides a particular product,  the competition will be amongst the buyers who will try to pay more money to get the product. Freedom of choice means that in aworld of scarce resources the individual is free to make his own economic decisions. Of course, the consumer’s sovereignty is limited by the consumer’s income and the availability of goods.

Characteristics of Capitalism1. CHARACTERISTICS OF CAPITALISMAt the very foundation of a capitalist system is the belief in economic freedom. Related: 21 Pros and Cons of Capitalism Economy (With Examples). Encouragement to Enterprise and Risk-taking: 3. Competition7. Economic rationality is defined by capitalist accumulation in capitalist production. this training and education break the class into two further subclasses, which are the middle class and lower class.

Capitalism has few disadvantages like, establishing power in the hands of the capitalist class, which forms a minority in the society. But there exists a “division of labor” which allows for specialization, typically occurring through education and training, further breaking down the two-class system into sub-classes (e.g., the middle class).
Right to use one’s own private property according to one’s will. Capitalism is also criticised on the ground of the misallocation of the productive resources of the country. Capitalism is considered an unequal and corrupt form of economy which heads only to instability in the future. In other words, the companies will be able to produce more output, and the cost of producing extra output would be less than the price that the companies would be receiving. After 1819 April 1995, the world economy grew by as high as 50 times and at a much faster rate than the growth of the population.

So many defects have to be overlooked. People under capitalistic system, have the right to hold property and pass it on inheritance to their heirs and successors. maximise their profits. There are rules implemented by the government for preventing Monopoly and cartels.

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