Once per turn, if your "Metaphys" card in its owner's possession is banished: Apply this effect depending on whose turn it is. After Ha Des was more than weakened enough, Dark King of the Abyss casted a curse upon Dark Ruler Ha Des, using a severed head to drain his soul. Trying to find his way in the world, he was confronted on the field of battle by a mysterious woman who soon became his greatest rival. He grew up into Jigabyte and then to Gagagigo. During this fight, Sword Breaker captured Gagagigo and stole one of Gagagigo's Xyz Materials. However he failed because of pollen allergy. While trying to find a new way to get wealthy, Goblin of Greed tried looking for a part-time job, one of which was mowing the lawn on a wealthy estate. "Card storyline" is an unofficial term for the stories that can be pieced together regarding the relationships between certain monsters and groups of monsters from card artworks. Here's my Tier List for Yu Gi Oh Duel Links | Your Then he found allies and they eventually fought together in a war against and many demons. He later fought Umbral Horror Unform, but found himself outmatched by the creature. The goblin that Goblin of Greed made a trade with would then give him payment in return. Posted in the yugioh community. I don't want you to think I'm picking it all apart. The birth of civilization is inescapably linked to the birth of history. Many of these stories were detailed in the Japanese Master Guide books. Sangan is going on a tour to the living world on the Tour Bus From the Underworld. He had his minions trust him mentally, but wasn't above on using his minions to protect him from any attacks directed at him. With his new form, he encountered his rival once again and the two started to battle. Unfortunately, the demon that Dai Grepher defeated was but an extension of its sword and eventually sought Dai Grepher's body. "Metaphys Armed Dragon" can be used as a material for "Executor" and you can get it back by using "Metaphys Dimension" or the Level 10 "Metaphys" monster itself. The opponent threw many green energy shards at him, but Gagagigo used a red coat he obtained to protect himself. After taking Invader's body with him, Gogiga Gagagigo soon fought Freed the Matchless General again for revenge, but was stopped by his savior, Marauding Captain, who reminded him of what he once was before being mechanized. Petit Dragon began his journey becoming the familiar of Wynn, gaining more power as they both grew stronger. They both started to fight and somehow Gagagigo got dragged into the other dimension through the Dimensional Prison. Goblin of Greed was able to retrieve the pot, but the "Spirit of the Pot of Greed" was somehow released and started creating a twister that was absorbing cards into it and subsequently curse Goblin of Greed.

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