As you know, I'm an immigrant. DOWNLOAD ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER QUOTES APP “Don’t be afraid to fail.
“There are no shortcuts—everything is reps, reps, reps.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger, 34. “The more knowledge you have, the more you’re free to rely on your instincts.”― Arnold Schwarzenegger, 53. You can achieve anything.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger, 12. After winning a Golden Globe Award for Best Newcomer for his performance in Stay Hungry (1976), he became an action hero in movies like Conan the Barbarian (1982), The Terminator (1984), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003). And even though some people say I still speak with a slight accent, I have reached the top of the acting profession.” — Arnold Schwarenegger, 1. It doesn’t matter that Donald Trump backed out of the Paris agreement, because the private sector didn’t drop out, the public sector didn’t dropout, the universities didn’t dropout, the scientists didn’t dropout, the engineers didn’t dropout. These things are the same in every field.”, “All I know is that the first step is to create a vision, because when you see the vision – the beautiful vision – that creates the want power.”, “From the bodybuilding days on, I learned, “I was also going to give a graduation speech in Arizona this weekend. „Ich bin in die Vereinigten Staaten gekommen, weil das ein Land ohne Sicherheitsnetz ist. Sometimes you can do so much your mind gets sick of it. Being surrounded by winners helps you develop into a winner.”, “Start wide, expand further, and never look back.”, “Strength does not come from winning. Arnold is a super hardworking and goal-oriented personality.

The more miles you ski, the better a skier you become; the more reps you do, the better your body.”, “Help others and give something back. “What is the point of being on this Earth if you are going to be like everyone else?” – Arnold Schwarzenegger, 25. He had a keen interest in this field and was a strict follower in terms of bodybuilding. I agree. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer. The money went to the Special Olympics in Great Britain.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger, 48. He has been widely cited as a … “I always believed in shooting for the top, and to become an American is like becoming a member of the winning team.”― Arnold Schwarzenegger, 58. His father was the local chief of police and had served in World War II as a Hauptfeldwebel after voluntarily joining the Nazi Party in 1938. —  Arnold Schwarzenegger, buch Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, Quelle: Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story. It will be the same with my film career. I knew I was a winner back in the late sixties. Required fields are marked *, 60 Eminem Quotes and Lyrics about Success and Life, 65 Labor Day Quotes Celebrating Everyday Work, 50 Strength Quotes To Remind Us That We Are Indestructable, 155 Mother Daughter Quotes Expressing Unconditional Love, 60 Funny The Office Quotes Worthy of The Dundie Awards, 160 Tupac Quotes on Life, Love, And Being Real That Will Inspire You, 50 Uplifting Quotes For Life’s Tough Moments, 185 Beautiful Quotes on The Natural Beauty of Life, 165 Quotes About Change In Your Life and In The World, 70 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quotes on Standing for Justice, 50 Lou Holtz Quotes About Sports, Coaching, and More, 150 Encouraging Quotes to Help Keep You Going, 155 Sad Love Quotes On Pain, Love and Friendship, 155 Maya Angelou Quotes Celebrating Success, Love & Life, Published on September 4, 2020 6:00 AM EST, 50 Delicious Chocolate Quotes to Make Your Mouth Water, 50 True Love Quotes for the Hopeless Romantic, 50 Feeling Lost Quotes That Will Remind You of Your Highest Self, 50 Funny Wine Quotes to Get You Through the Rough Days.
“For me life is continuously being hungry. You got em! But with my accent, I was afraid they would try to deport me.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger, 31.

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