When creating a database is it true that ideally i should avoid using the lookup wizard at table level and instead do that with combo boxes at form level ?Thanks, HiI have three tables 1 tblAssistFMWork in which is stored the fields JobNumber, SiteRefNumber, SurveyorNo2 tbltable1 which has the field SiteRefNumber, Address1, Address2 etc3 tblAssistFMSubJobNumbers which has the fields JobNumber, SubJobNumber.JobNumber is the relationship between tables 2 and 3 and SiteRefNumber is the relationship between tables 1 and 2. The people: I have made a Uniqe identifier (Social Security number (PK))First NameLast NameDepartment (This can be 4 different departsment) made a drop-down menu type. I would like to get a little cleverer and for the team pick list to only contain teams that are in the competition I've selected(eg Uk or European).I've created some tables and relationships, but when I create a simple form with combo-list boxes, the list itself comes up blank even though I've linked the field to a particular table of options(eg a competitions table).Can anyone help on suggestions for the overall design(should I have separate match results tables and team tables for each competition?) Hi, I�m fairly new to access and I�m creating (well, want to create) an employee database. Which Players does a particular Team have signed on. It will be used for warehouse stock rotation and control of pallets. One Player can play in Guradians of the players Now, would it be possible for me to have a table set up for each location? Summer 2006 Sunday Course5. Football or Soccer Team Players and Fixtures. I have been reading other posts, and this where i should have started from the beginning,I am not very experienced with access (or forums as yous propably know) but can learn anything in no time (hopefully).I would like to design a database to store all the info about a drag racing event including;� event info (Event name, track name, event date)� car info (Car name, gearbox type, diff ratio, engine name,)� driver info (driver firstname, driver lastname)� Engine info (make, model, engine compression, carburetor, front carburetor jets, rear carburetor jets, fuel pressure, engine timing at idle, total engine timing)� Race info (track temperature, relative altitude, milibars, humidity, air temperature, tyre type, tyre size, tyre pressure hot, tyre pressure cold, stage RPM, shift RPM, reaction, 60foot time, 330foot time, 660foot time, 660foot MPH, 1000foot time, elapsed time, elapsed MPH, comments. ?I appreciate any help, Can someone help me out with the design of my database? Hi, i got back to working on databases again for the first time in years and ive got confused on the offset.I went to set about desigining my tables and cant figure out how to do it.most of its simple stuff however this one bit stumps me.Im designing a database to hold stock information in work we manufacture parts for rally cars and when a customer rings up i need to have the price at hand.I can store the prices etc of individual parts,however some people request kits which would have there own stock number and all the same relevant data i.e. Anyone Willing To Help Me Design A Database. I am just struggling on table setup and how I would create the queries. I just want to know if there is a better way to manage the data.
from the -1 to -10)?If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it. These projects can vary in type. to Teams, Players and Fixtures for a Football or Soccer Team. That was a rather long list, but i have sat working on this in three whole days, and im getting a little fed up with not knowing up-and-down. Now I see its going to be more complex than I thought.Can anyone help me with the table layout and links. Each SubjobNumber starts at 1 for each new job so this may look like this in the tableJobNumber SubjobNumber0001 10002 10002 2etcEach SiteRefNumber may have one or many JobNumbersI wish to enter the date a SubJobNumber is completed and have been struggling with pulling the record into a form using a combo box because of the need to enter the JobNumber and also the SubJobNumber. Students can be old (returning student)and new.What we want to achieve is to check student information, the student's attendance situation, how many students in each session, etc.

With this design, One Team has many Players, however a Player can (a guardian can be attached to more than 1 player, eg two sons playing for the same club I joined all the tables to my CustomerInfo_tbl with a one-to-one join.

Login. Entrant details and event details, merchandise info.I started out designing on paper (Can�t stress how much this helped a definite must for all noobs and experienced I would imagine) and went from there.Ended up using northwind and modified it to suit my situation.definately recommend this to beginners as it gives you a good look at databases and great starting point. It is intended for use in the external links section of an article.

weather info like track temp etc also change from race to race so I think it is possible I might need some sort of race time as-well. The projects can be of two different kinds. here are the attributes I have to put in the database for Printer cartridges: ProductNameManufacturerCategoryProductCodePriceWeightDescription--------------There can be numerous products with the same name (for example: C120 is a product name but can be made by HP and by Canon) There can be numerous products with the same ProductCode(for example: F416301700 is a product code but can have multiple products with that code) Currently I have it set up like this:3 Tables--------PRODUCTSIDPRODUCTNAMEMANUFACTURERCATEGORY DETAILSIDPRODUCTCODEPRICEWEIGHTDESCRIPTION COMBINEIDDETAILS$IDPRODUCTS$ID -----------------I have created that combine table to link the two other tables together.I am running into problems now when i want to update a product and I don't know where to take this from here.

I hope I made my question clear enough.Thank you in advance.Cheerskruger101.

https://www.footballdatabase.eu/football.joueurs..cafu. Download Football / Soccer data to CSV and use it in Microsoft Excel. databasedev.co.uk - database solutions and downloads for microsoft access Call this the horizontal method.The other way would be to have a reference table containing the survey items , and have responses entered in a seperate table linked by item id and response id (from a third table containing a record for each submitted survey). Or does anybody know of any sample databases, not necessary an employee database that have been shared here in the past that I could look at and get ideas (formulas, qrys, tbls. For a couple of years now I have been keeping a spreadsheet record of UK football match results and statistics - I use this as the basis for gambling on future matches. I am planning my new DB and am contemplating the best design.

They have both League Fixtures and private bookings. I currently have it set up one way and I am running into problems when I need to update information?

Hi allI have a new project but before I get started, I need some advice on design.I'm designing a student report card which I'll implement for 1300 students next year. This parameter is optional; it defaults to the Wikipedia article name, without any disambiguation such as "(footballer)" or "(soccer)". I am building a database for an activity society. The link table between this relationship also allows you to record

So I'm going the smaller tables route.I'll tell you what I did.

(nb this is only a simple database relating a person to a company without using departments etc. & Add-In's, Relationships for After discussion with my teacher we decided combo boxes was the best solution (im open to other suggestions) However we cant come up with method to cascade the combo boxes :confused:. This parameter is optional if Wikidata property P3537 exists, but required if not. This would take more time to set up but would probably be easier to query. I have to keep a register of people who participate in projects. Change Timezone. What was the result of a particular Fixture?

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