Everyone is fooled into thinking the next administration, the next party, this candidate or that candidate, will save us from our troubles. Many companies featured on Money advertise with us. It's time for all student debtors to get relief from their crushing burden. During peak media coverage of the movement last October, mentions of the term "income inequality" increased "fourfold"... tokens of Occupy rhetoric — most notably the idea of a "99 percent" against a "1 percent" — has seeped into everyday cultural parlance. not to mention when you award unions work, you are also giving the union leaders RIDICULOUS pay bonus’s….

[254][255], Although the movement's primary slogan was "We are the 99%," it was criticized for not encompassing the voice of the entire 99%, specifically lower class individuals and minorities. [87][88][89] The Associated Press reported in October that there was "diversity of age, gender and race" at the protest. [283], As of September 2014, Rolling Jubilee claims to have cancelled more than $15 million in medical debt.

[213] She was released after serving 60 days. [293], Alternative Banking ran Occupy Summer School at the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women in July 2015.

“They lost some momentum,” says Heather Gautney, a sociologist at Fordham University and author of a book on the movement.

will once again not work. Protesters then turned their focus to occupying banks, corporate headquarters, board meetings, foreclosed homes, and college and university campuses. Shortly after midnight on November 15, 2011, the New York City Police Department gave protesters notice from the park's owner (Brookfield Office Properties) to leave Zuccotti Park due to its purportedly unsanitary and hazardous conditions. [160] Its last article appeared in February 2012.

If Occupy Wall Street had focused on the lack of regulation that led to the financial crisis, the lack of accountability among regulators, the nonexistent criminal charges and the billions of taxpayer dollars used in bailouts, the movement could have been relevant. I can’t believe they are taking credit for this, consumer advocate groups, Greenpeace, EPA, and several other agencies were working together to stop the Keystone pipeline….maybe they helped, but not solely…. It published five issues from October 2011 to September 2012,[171] with a commemorative sixth issue published in May 2014, to support OWS activist Cecily McMillan during the sentencing phase of her trial. Anniversary", "1-year after encampment began, Occupy in disarray", "Unoccupied: The Morning After in Zuccotti Park", "NYPD Arrests Almost 200 Occupy Protesters, Roughs Up City Councilman Again", "Creating the collective: social media, the Occupy Movement and its constitution as a collective actor", "Occupying, and Now Publishing, Too - NYTimes.com", "Occupied Wall Street Journal: Protesters' Newspaper Occupies a Familiar Name - Metropolis - WSJ", "Wall Street Protesters Have Ink-Stained Fingers", "Check Out The "Occupy Wall Street Journal" The Official Newspaper Of The Protesters", "Occupied Wall Street Journal: The Newspaper Of Occupy Wall Street (PHOTOS)", "The Stealth Leaders Of Occupy Wall Street", "The Declaration of the Occupation of New York City", "Occupied Wall Street Journal Poster Edition", "5 Occuprint Posters Tell the Tale of Global Solidarity for 99 Percent | Colorlines", "Raging at the Bull: Occupy Wall Street Posters From Occuprint", "The Art of Occupy: The Occuprint Portfolio | Museum of Art | Bates College", "New York's Moma acquires Occupy Wall Street art prints", "Poster boys! One resident angrily complained that the protesters "[a]re defecating on our doorsteps"; board member Tricia Joyce said, "They have to have some parameters. Ending the DOE and running it at state level or with private firms teaching state guided curriculum or based on your child’s needs in education would be a better alternative. Pretty much nothing. Box 18438 | Minneapolis, MN 55418 | 612.455.6950, learn about all our free newsletter options, Black Label Movement’s Carl Flink: ‘How do we imagine what we make now, in a world like this?’, Video available of MinnPost’s 13th Anniversary with special guest Linda Greenhouse. Assemblies of individuals repeated short phrases from leaders in a kind of human megaphone.

She says its main goal is to draw attention to the fact that no major banker has been indicted for the financial meltdown that began in 2007. Zuccotti Park Press. Probably Not —Danny Sjursen, Zoos, Disease, and Humans —Marilyn Kroplick MD, Healing Starts with Understanding —Wim Laven, Unemployment Insurance Desperately Needs an Update —Jessica Goodheart, Attacking the Almighty Dollar —Michael T. Hertz, Big Media Says Consolidate Behind Hillary — Why Fragmentation Is the Future, One Free Market System for Wall Street, Another for Main Street. Recalls journalist Nathan Schneider, "The idea of a general strike had been circulating in the movement since who-knows-when. Here are four of the most notable ways, according to scholars of the movement. In other words, why would the bankers refuse free bailout money from the government?

Heart Over Brain: A Forgotten Life Journey, the government buys the loans from the bankers.

The group began holding weekly meetings to work out issues and the movement's direction, such as whether or not to have a set of demands, forming working groups and whether or not to have leaders. [261][262][263], Another criticism was the idea that the movement itself was having trouble conveying its actual message. *Sigh*, Related Reading: The Dirty History of Student Loans. There were reports of pepper-spray being used by the police. [116], Prior to being closed to overnight use and during the occupation of the space, somewhere between 100 and 200 people slept in Zuccotti Park.

By mid-October, Facebook listed 125 Occupy-related pages. Sorry if this pisses anyone off, but it’s my opinion. Wearechange and COPWATCH and other organizations have been doing this for years, and once again OWS organization claims it “accomplished” these feats themselves… good for bringing attention to this tragedy, but bad for harboring work not done by your organization alone. To that end, you should know that many or all of the companies featured here are partners who advertise with us. “We are developing more specific goals,” says Jonathan Smucker, who works in the Occupy press area. The OWS slogan, "We are the 99%", refers to income and wealth inequality in the U.S. between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population. The protesters were enraged with the bankers, who they felt caused the crisis. [168], As part of the Occupy Sandy disaster response to Hurricane Sandy, Occuprint created a 12-page resource pamphlet on how to survive and seek help, after determining that the FEMA booklets were incomplete. [257][258][259][260], Some publications mentioned that the Occupy Wall Street Movement failed to spark any true institutional changes in banks and in Corporate America.

[19][20] Activist, anarchist and anthropologist David Graeber and several of his associates attended the NYAB general assembly but, disappointed that the event was intended to be a precursor to marching on Wall Street with predetermined demands, Graeber and his small group created their own general assembly, which eventually developed into the New York General Assembly. If you are allowing Unions to work for ridiculous amounts of money, and granting only unions work through tax-payer based government hand outs, you are once again engaging in government run business models that lead to socialism / communism…. Occupiers then started to take down barricades from all sides of the park and stored them in a pile in the middle of Zuccotti Park. Few people realize this and look at the government for “help” with the student loan crisis. [179], After several weeks of occupation, protesters had made enough allegations of rape, sexual assault, and gropings that women-only sleeping tents were set up. “Now elected officials, people running for office, and pundits all feel they have to address this issue—and that was not true before 2011.”, Sanders’ criticism of the corrupting influence of big money on politics was to some degree an outgrowth of the Occupy movement, Skocpol agrees: “Those themes, championed by Occupy Wall Street, have also been championed by Sanders.”, Ad Practitioners, LLC [10][21][22][nb 2] The Internet group Anonymous created a video encouraging its supporters to take part in the protests. Freedom and equality should have no boundaries. This message resonated with people who noticed that bank CEO’s, executives and politicians around the world didn’t seem to suffer. For example, it was characterized as being overwhelmingly white[256] and poorly representative of the needs of the immigrant population.

[134][135] The next morning the property owner postponed its cleaning effort. Sixty-eight people were arrested in connection with the event, including one accused of stabbing a police officer in the hand with a pair of scissors. The Huffington Post reports that Graeber and friends discovered that the "General Assembly" had been "taken over by a veteran protest group called the Worker's World Party". Occupy Wall Street missed the chance to call out the colossal failure that is government and that is precisely why the movement failed. Furthermore, the idea of excess compensation through salaries and bonuses at Wall Street banks continued to be a contentious topic following the Occupy protests, especially as bonuses increased during a period of falling bank profits. Sign up to receive the latest updates and smartest advice from the editors of Money. [264][265] Another issue that was raised was that the Occupy Movement was attempting to indict the entire 1% and argue for wealth redistribution, when in fact, the focus of the movement was centered around upward mobility and fairness for all through government regulation and taxation.

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